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Top smart tips on how to maintain bone straight hair

Bone straight is a stress-free kind of hair that does not require high maintenance. Yet, [...]


It is important to keep your human hair wig clean in order to ensure longevity [...]

Wig maintenance: How to treat human hair wigs perfectly

Human hair wigs come with a lot of great benefits. You can easily install it [...]

5 things about how to maintain curly wigs

Curly wigs never go out of style. Even though they require a bit more maintenance, [...]

How to wash curly wig and reshape the curls?

Curly wigs bring you a marvelous bouncy look that never goes out of trend, but [...]

Salon tips: How to wash human hair weavon at home

Washing human hair weavon is an important step to do after purchasing and using the [...]

How to keep curly wig moisturized

Curly wigs always being fashionable and never go out of style. But as we know, [...]

7 actions tips: How to make human hair wig silky?

Who cannot fall in love with human hair wigs? Numerous women around the world choose [...]

How to revamp a wig in 5 steps

A long, silky, and shiny hair wig is essential for black women. However, environmental factors [...]

Quick tips: How to store a wig at home in 6 ways

Wig maintenance does not stop at the washing and conditioning process. The way you store [...]

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