How to revamp a wig in 5 steps

How to revamp a wig

A long, silky, and shiny hair wig is essential for black women. However, environmental factors can damage hair cause damage your hair lead them easy to dry, tangle, and shed and get tricky to manage. To know the main factors, and how to revamp a wig in 5 steps, follow this article below. Let’s started!

Why Do Human Hair Wigs Become Dry?

Before we dive into how to revamp a wig, we’re going to explain why human hair wigs become dry in the first place.

How to revamp a wig in 5 steps

With natural hair, your scalp produces a natural oil called sebum which helps to keep natural hair moisturized However, natural oils are what human hair wigs unavoidably lack, which causes dry hair over time, even with the well-care of the wig. Besides, there are some additional factors that contribute to human hair wigs becoming dry:

Lack Of Moisture: Always moisturize your hair if you’re tangle-prone. The absence of moisture in your mane leads to the weakening of your strands and an increase of split ends and tangled hair. Haircare is very important for extending the wigs for women’s lifespan. The more careful you treat 100% human hair wigs, the longer service time they will bring you.

Excessive Bleach And Dye Your Wig: Over harmful chemical component style to your human hair wigs will damage the hair cuticle and protection layer.

Seawater Exposure: Seawater exposure can damage the hair extensions in much the same way as hard water and chlorine.

• Not Washing Your Hair Properly: Normally, human hair wigs are washed once a month. Wash wigs with a mild, natural shampoo that does not contain sulfates or benzoates. Use shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair.

Prolonged Sun Exposure: Long periods of direct sunlight will harm the hair cuticle, weaken the hair protection layer, cause human hair wigs fragility.

•  Damaged Cuticle: Damage to the cuticle can cause hair to become tangled and dry. The healthy cuticle is smooth and closed, and the open cuticle wraps around each other, causing the hair to tangle.

•  Hard Water Exposure: Hard water exposure can cause them to become dry or damaged hair extensions fade. Unhealthy water touching will cause your best human hair wigs to become dry and weak.

How to revamp a wig in 5 steps?

Human hair wigs for black women of all qualities, brands, and origins will change throughout the time you are wearing them, however, they can be revived with the correct care to restore their manageability and appearance. There are 5 steps to how to revamp a wig!

Step 1: Pre-Wash Your Wig with a Natural Oil

Our ‘how to revamp a wig’ guide is all about injecting some much-needed moisture. So, it makes sense that the first step to restoring a wig is to coat your wig with a conditioning treatment. We recommend gently applying a natural oil all over your human hair wig. will work excellently here to restore moisture and leave your wig feeling and smelling incredible. You’ll want to leave your product of choice to moisturize your wig for about 30 minutes under a shower cap.

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Step 2: Shampoo Your Wig

The next step in how to restore a wig is to wash your wig, making sure to rinse out all of the pre-wash oil. When washing, don’t forget to keep the water running in the same direction as the hair to prevent tangling. Then, carefully lather your wig with a moisturizing human hair wig shampoo.

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Step 3: Moisturize Your Wig

After rinsing out all of your moisturizing shampoos, you’ll need to apply some conditioner. Cover your wig thoroughly with a human hair wig conditioner, bringing it from the front of the wig right to the tips.

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When moisturizing with conditioner to restore a wig, you should pay particular attention to the nape and tips of your human hair wig and apply extra conditioner here. When a human hair wig becomes dry and loses its bounce, it’s often most noticeable in these areas. So, focusing on the nape and tips will help you with how to revive a human hair wig. Let the conditioner sit and work its magic for three to five minutes before thoroughly rinsing it out. Tangles will likely have formed during this step, so remove them with care. To do this, gently run a comb or your finger through your wig until the knots are removed.

Step 4: Deep Condition Your Wig

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Next up in our how to revamp a wig guide is applying a deep conditioner to your wig. Again, you’ll want to ensure that your conditioner of choice coats the entire wig, and remember to add extra product to the ends.

Step 5: Dry Your Wig

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Once you’ve rinsed out all of your product, you need to dry your human hair wig. It’s important to take care when drying your wig to avoid damaging it and to avoid creating tangles. Gently squeeze your wig to wring out excess water before laying your wig onto a dry towel. Then, cover the wig with the other half of your towel, and gently press out excess water. Finally, place your wig on a wig stand for it to air dry, which is the safest way to dry your wig.

There you have our 5-step guide on how to revamp a wig, with advice on carefully and effectively for your human hair wig.

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Some tips to revamp your human hair wigs

How to revamp a wig in 5 steps

  • Wash or rinse all human hair products and styles before wearing them. Human hair is not ready to wear out of the box.

  • Do not rinse your wig with hot water that will damage your hair and can cause the hair to become dry.

  • Do not dry on a solid form or mannequin head to avoid stretching the cap.

  • We do not recommend sleeping, showering, or swimming while wearing the wig.

  • Store the wig on a wig stand to avoid unwanted kinks or crimps.

  • The lace is delicate and should not be tugged or pulled.

  • Avoid brushing the hair when wet to prevent damage.

  • Any cutting or chemical processes, such as perming or coloring, should be done by a professional hairstylist. We do not recommend lifting or bleaching human hair; depositing color provides the best result.

If you have any more questions about how to make a human hair wig soft again, please get in touch with BigG Hair for more wig care guides and tips, please check out the other posts on our website!

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