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What is the difference between bone straight hair and normal straight hair?

There is always something so special about straight hairstyles. They can be simple, or sleek [...]

Brazilian hair vs Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair

Brazilian hair vs Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair Selling hair extensions requires you to make [...]

Untangling the difference between human hair and human hair blend

The world of wigs and hair extensions is not just about human hair and synthetic [...]

Difference between Peruvian and Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair are among the most popular hair type in the market. [...]

Difference between Remy and Non Remy hair

Whether you are buying human hair weaves or wigs for your personal use or for [...]

Insider: Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

So far, human hair extensions have been a popular choice among women. Besides China and [...]

Loose wave vs body wave – What is the difference?

Choosing the right texture will make a huge impact on your look. If wavy hairstyles [...]

Malaysian hair vs Indian hair vs Vietnamese hair – How to differentiate?

Malaysian hair, Indian hair, and Vietnamese hair are three popular hair types in the hair [...]

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