Untangling the difference between human hair and human hair blend

Difference between human hair and human hair blend

The world of wigs and hair extensions is not just about human hair and synthetic hair. To meet the increasing demands of consumers, hair manufacturers have launched a type of hair that combines both types of hair. Human hair blend comes at a lower price and carries the feature of both human hair and synthetic hair. So, what is the difference between human hair and human hair blend? And which one should we choose? Let’s follow this post to get the answers.

Difference between human hair and human hair blend

Human hair

Human hair, as its name states, is collected from real human hair. Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian hair are the most common varieties of human hair in the hair market today. Because of its texture and availability, Asian hair is usually used to make bundles of weaves.


  • Because it is natural hair, human hair feels and looks the most authentic. The softness and movement of human hair are astounding, and it has a gloss that synthetic hair cannot readily match. Its versatility allows you to style it in curls or bone straight, as you would do with your own hair. Especially, human hair is durable. It can last for 3 years and even more.
  • Using human hair, you can style your hair in any way you like. Daily styling is really preferred by many people because it gives them more control over their appearance and might give them a sense of normalcy. However, remember that human hair does not come in a box that is ready to be worn. To achieve the exact style you want, you could decide to have it tailored by a stylist. It does need a little extra work, but it is worthwhile!
Difference between human hair and human hair blend
Difference between human hair and human hair blend


  • Wigs made of human hair typically cost MUCH more. You’ll most likely spend between $800 and $2,000 on a nice human hair wig.
  • If quality is the only consideration, human hair is by far the better option. The biggest disadvantage of human hair, aside from cost, is the maintenance process. Human hair needs to be cared for like your natural hair. So, you should expect to put some effort into the haircare process while using human hair.

Human hair blend

A human hair blend wig combines human and synthetic hair. Hair manufacturers use different fiber ratios to create the wig. Some wigs might be blended at the ratio of 50/50, while that of others might be 70/30. Human hair blend is more natural-looking, lasts longer than synthetic hair, and can be curled and styled.


  • Hold style longer: Thanks to the combination of human hair and heat-friendly synthetic locks, you can style hair using heat tools. The heat-friendly synthetic locks serve to secure the shape even though the human hair may still be susceptible to climate changes. As a result, your hairdo can endure longer than it could with just human hair locks.
  • Lightweight and comfortable: A human hair blend wig feels lighter than a human hair wig since it contains an amount of synthetic hair. So, this kind of wig can be an excellent choice for warm climates.
  • While still more expensive than synthetic wigs, human hair blend wigs are less expensive than the majority of human hair wigs. Human hair blend wigs often cost between $400 and $900.
Difference between human hair and human hair blend
Difference between human hair and human hair blend


  • Although human hair blend can be washed and reused, the hair is likely to tangle after a wash. This hair needs to be brushed frequently, especially when it’s damp.
  • Even if there is human hair in the blend, it has undergone chemical processing. After a few uses and chemical processing, this further damages human hair and leads to tangling and matting.
  • In most cases, human hair blend is a combination of synthetic hair and non-Remy human hair or hair with broken hair cuticles. Therefore, the hair is prone to damage and has a shorter lifespan than human hair.
  • Blended wigs require more time and effort to maintain because they are manufactured from two different kinds of hair fibers.
  • Since the hair combines two types of hair fibers, it’s harder to style. While human hair needs frequent styling, the synthetic fibers will be matting and frizzy, and burnt after heat styling.

Which one to choose?

It depends on your budget and your desired look so that you can choose a suitable hair type for your look. If you want to opt for an item at an affordable price, human hair blend is the right choice. However, if money is not your matter and you want to get a natural look, human hair is a better choice.

However, we recommend you opt for human hair wigs if you want to use wigs and hair extensions in the long run. Human hair blends in general cannot last long. You will have to invest in a new one sooner. So, it may be not a cost-effective option.

So now you’ve known the difference between human hair and human hair blend. We hope that this post will help you to differentiate the two types of hair and choose the best one for your look. And don’t forget to check BigG Hair’s website frequently to search for high-quality Vietnamese human hair and WhatsApp BigG Hair to get factory price!


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