Human Hair Wigs

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Are you looking for a new appearance? Our human hair wig is exactly what you need for an instant style boost whether you go short or long, wavy or straight. With adjustable straps, you can comfortably apply them to your head with minimal effort. BigG’s wigs are manufactured using 100% Remy hair to get a long lifespan while the lace front base provides a natural and comfortable fit!

How to figure out your head size for your human hair wig?

Choosing the correct wig size can be the difference between feeling and looking comfortable. you will generally find three main wig cap dimensions – small, average, and large. Using a fabric measuring tape, measure the circumference of your head from the front of the hairline, from ear to ear, and from front to nap. Keep in mind to measure accurately. If you do not measure correctly, your wig may not fit. Measure at least 2-3 times to be sure.

Do human hair wigs look natural and comfortable?

Many women are concerned that wearing wigs will look unnatural or generally uncomfortable. However, our wigs are manufactured with real human hair with the latest techniques. We ensure that wigs from BigG Hair won’t hurt, tangle, or be unreal.

Can I style it?

Our wigs are made of 100% natural human hair therefore they may be styled just like your own hair! Your hair can be styled in various ways, including braids and ponytails.

How to wash your wig properly?

The process of washing a natural human hair wig isn’t all that different from washing naturally growing hair with 6 steps: Prep, Brush, Soak, Shampoo, Condition, and Dry.
Read an article about ‘’How to wash human hair wigs’ below to know more

Can I swim in my wig?

Of course, you can enjoy the lake, ocean, or pool and you can swim with a wig on. Note that you should use our waterproof extreme lace wig adhesive for your lace wig when you swim. Be sure to wait 24 hours after application to wet hair line, to allow the adhesive to properly adhere to the skin. After swimming, don’t forget to wash and condition your wigs. However, the water quality for the water in swimming pools is also not good for hair, we do not highly recommend that you swim in your wig frequently. It will damage your wig in quality and lifespan.

What types of human hair wigs do you offer?

BigG Hair currently produces two types of wigs that are lace front wig and full lace wig.

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