Popular payment method for Nigerian clients:

Payment through the agency. You will transfer the naira to the agency’s account and they will convert and transfer it back to the company

Contact Agent

  • Ash how many Naira to send
  • Don’t forget to ask about shipping time, shipping fee, customer fee..

Send Payment

  • Send Naira to Agency account
  • Give Agency BigG hair account

Agency complete payment

  • Send Naira to Agency account
  • Give Agency BIGG hair account

The second method: Onepay payment gateway

Customers pay in naira/USD via visa/master card

Get payment link

  • Give us your full name and email
  • We will send link you the link to pay

Send Payment

  • Click to the link and check out to pay
  • Fill full information with your card and click to Pay now

Complete payment

  • Wait for confirmation
  • Inform BIGG hair company

With the remaining methods

Once you have confirmed the price, you can pay for your order by Western Union, Money Gram, transfer (T/T), or Paypal, a +4% extra charge will be applied to your order price if you choose Paypal. Once the payment is completed, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Send deposit or full payment

The payment process will be as follows:

  • The first case: 50% deposit to make the goods, the remaining amount will be paid after the goods are finished
  • The second case: 100% payment

Bigghair accept payment from agency, onepay payment gate way, paypal, western union, bank transfer, but the common payment methods is payment by naira to agency and Onepay. Here is step to do it

Payment by Agency

  • Firstly, you contact to one of our agency above, (or if you have other agency). If you want to send 1000$ for example, the agency will tell you how much you should send to their naira account and give you the detail of bank account. Don’t forget to ask about shipping time, shipping fee, custom fee, or all other fee that may charge in payment and shipping.

Click image to view detail

  • Secondly, you send money to agency’s naira account, and inform them the payment bill, along with phone number of saler. Don’t forget to give them our account

Here is our account to give to agency

  • Vietnam dong account: 0239-4855-501
  • Name: Phan Thi Thuy
  • Bank: Tien Phong Bank
  • Branch: My Dinh, Ha Noi
  • After agency got your payment, they will send to our account. Please ask them when they done, and inform us. The agency sometime also let us know about the payment too.  We will check our account then confirm you the payment when it completed.

Click image to view detail

Payment by Onepay

  • Firstly, please send us your email and your full name. We will create the link for payment.
  • Secondly, you click to the link, you can see this. Please click: Check out to pay

Click image to view detail

  • Next, please fill the information including: Name, Card Number, CSC number and dont forget to double check all info before click to PAY NOW

Click image to view detail

  • After that please wait for confirmation

Click image to view detail

Here is our video to give you payment info