About BIGG Hair Factory

BigG Hair supplies a full selection of 100% Human Hair Weaves, Closures, Frontals, and Wigs.

With a wide range of quality Remy hair, rich textures, and trendy styles, many Top hairstylists all over the world have selected our products to be their first choices for years.

Factory scale

10,000 m2


5,000 m2

No. of the items


Number of R&D


Number of laborers


No. of employees


Export percentage


Raw material

20 tons

Production capacity

20 tons/month

Supply capacity

2,000 customers/month

The process of producing BIGG hair products

To create high-quality hair extensions and wigs, BIGG has to go through a lot of stages over a long time.

1. Collecting hair

First of all, to get the virgin hair bundles, we have to come to the village in the high mountains to collect hair. We select the smooth, strong hair from girls who are in full moon age and have never permed or dyed their hair. Why? Because the hair that has never been exposed to chemicals will be very healthy, smooth, and always make sure there is no damage to the hair cuticle. Therefore, the hair will be in the perfect state to make the best products for customers.

You will be really surprised if you touch each hair in the collection. It is very soft, smooth, and very natural. The process of purchasing hair is also strictly controlled based on the inspection department, so customers can be assured of the materials that make up the collection.

2. Selecting materials

When the material is transported to the factory, once again, the hair bundles will be checked by skilled workers. We always ensure that the raw material put into the production line will be the cleanest, most beautiful, 10 strands of hair as one.

3. Hair hygiene

Hair disinfection is also an important process in the production cycle of every high-quality hair product in BIGG. Each bundle of hair will be soaked in a hot bath of disinfectant soap for some time and rinsed with clean water several times. Workers will carefully squeeze the hair bundle into a towel, let it dry naturally in the sun or in an autoclave at 176 ° -212 ° F (80 ° -100 ° C).

We use only organic-based shampoos and conditioners, to ensure maximum corrosion of the hair epidermis. Hair strands are always kept in the same process and are always raised by skilled workers at the factory.

4. Sewing hair product

Sewing weave hair

You should know that machine wefts are one continuous track that your stylist can cut according to the length you need. 

  • Keep your hair neat on the table
  • Comb your hair straight
  • Cut with the tip of the hair evenly
  • Sew hair into 1 strip 

Sewing lace frontal

  • Prepare the lace
  • Attach the lace to the top of the mannequin and shape
  • Divide each strand of hair
  • Hook each strand of hair into the net
  • Repeat row by row

5. Styling

Up to this stage, the hair can be permed permanently or styled wavy by steam technology. The curls are tightly rolled into the curling iron and then boiled in water from 15 – 60 minutes (depending on the desired curly, which adjusts the appropriate time) and dry in the oven for about 24 hours or longer.

Moreover, this product is manufactured on modern technological lines. Therefore, all the hair in our factory is perfect, shiny, and smooth. This high-class product line is quite uniform in terms of hair quality, hair is well cared for.

6. Quality control

After completing our product, our quality control departments carry out quality inspections strictly. The process includes a PH test, elasticity test, color check, seam quality, careful re-inspection of the hooks, etc. to ensure all products are finished well before they are shipped.

7. Packing

Finally, it’s time for the packing of the product. After completing, the hair is sprayed with nutrients one last time and tagged. The staff will wrap them in a package.

8. Warranty

One of the things that customers care about when buying any product is the warranty, and it is always a solid base that creates the BIGG brand. With the perfect virgin hair, you can use it within 2 to 3 years without any problems related to hair loss. If the product is defective by the manufacturer will be newly modified, ensuring the most satisfaction for customers!