5 things about how to maintain curly wigs

How to maintain curly wigs

Curly wigs never go out of style. Even though they require a bit more maintenance, if you master the right curly wig care, it is simple to maintain them over time. In this blog post, we will go over how to maintain curly wigs, and what products to use to refresh and keep your curly wigs moisturized.

How to maintain curly wigs?

Detangle your curly human hair wigs frequentlyd

After uninstalling your curly human hair wig, make sure to check your hair for tangles. If you don’t take care of tangles as soon as they appear, curly hair might be destroyed.

So, how to detangle a curly wig?

Below how you should do to detangle your curly wig:

  • Section the hair lightly using a co
  • To get rid of the tangles, use water, a moisturizing conditioner, a wide-tooth comb, or even just your fingers
  • Avoid pulling the locks and creating excessive friction because doing so can cause more terrible frizz and shedding

You should also detangle your curly wig before you wash it. This will reduce tangling and prevent the hair from being damaged.

How to maintain curly wigs: Detangle your wig frequently
How to maintain curly wigs: Detangle your wig frequently

Use a leave-in conditioner to combat frizzy hair

Spray water on your frizzy hair or use a leave-in conditioner to control those unruly strands. Sometimes all the curls require is a little moisture to rebuild them and get rid of the hated matted hair appearance. Applying oils can help seal in moisture and add vitality to curls, but keep in mind that a little goes a long way. If your hair has too much oil, it will get weighed down, and the only way to make it return to its normal form is to wash it.

How to maintain curly wigs: use leave-in conditioners
How to maintain curly wigs: use leave-in conditioners

Wash your curly wig

Washing your curly wig is an effective way to refresh its look. When washing your curly wig, use your hands to squeeze the curls from the bottom to the top. If you do it the other way, it will loosen the curls.

And check the blog post: How to wash human hair wigs for the detailed tutorial.

Restore the curls

After washing your curly wig, you need to restore the curls back to their original style. Separate the hair into sections based on the types of curls your wig has or that you want it to have: smaller sections for tighter curls, larger sections for looser curls or waves.

Gently twist each curl with your finger, then let it return to its original shape. Try twisting your curls in the opposite direction if you notice that they are not bouncing back as they should.

With your curly human hair wig, you might be able to get your curls back by using a curling iron, but be sure to use moderate heat.

How to maintain curly wigs: Restore the curls
How to maintain curly wigs: Restore the curls

Store your curly wigs

Because they are curly wigs, keep them on the wig stand whenever you are not using them, but keep them somewhere airy to prevent damaging the hair.

When you’re not wearing it, cover those curls with a satin cap to keep them safe from dust and other elements. Satin bonnets keep moisture in and protect hair by minimizing the chance of unintended rubbing or friction. The other choice you have for safeguarding your curly hair is to store it in its original packaging when not going to wear it.

What hair products to use for curly wigs?

Alcohol-free products

Your curly human hair will still resemble your natural hair. You must therefore treat it the same way you would your own hair. Avoiding alcohol-based items is part of this approach. Alcohol-containing products dry out human hair severely. Hence, it’s necessary to opt for alcohol-free products for your wig.

Sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoos and conditioners

You should pick shampoos that do not peel the hair or take away its curl. Use only moisturizing hair conditioners. Before rinsing, let the hair rest in a basin for five to ten minutes. Avoid rubbing the hair when washing it, which will cause frizz. Then, lay your wig on a towel and gently pat the hair.

Water-based moisturizer

To moisturize your curly wig, you can use any water-based moisturizer. So, make sure you look at the first ingredients before buying any moisturizer. Check the ingredient list to determine if water is listed as one of the first ingredients. If it has, you can feel assured that your moisturizer is water-based.

Although you can use oils for your curly wig, you must be aware that they do not supply the wig with the necessary level of moisture. The oil-based moisturizers supply proteins and lubrication to your wig

How to maintain curly wigs: Use water-based moisturizer
How to maintain curly wigs: Use a water-based moisturizer


Many people smoothen their wig’s ends with petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Yet, mineral oils or products containing mineral oils are not recommended for wigs. You should use oils to nourish and smooth your wig if you see dry, rough, or frizzy ends on it.

Mineral oils give the hair a smooth and shining appearance, but it also prevents moisture from penetrating the hair shaft.

So above are 5 quick tips on how to maintain curly wigs and which hair products you should use to keep your curly wigs refreshing and vibrant. We hope that you can always shine your beauty with your curly wigs. Thanks for reading.

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