Malaysian hair vs Indian hair vs Vietnamese hair – How to differentiate?

Malaysian hair vs Indian hair vs Vietnamese hair

Malaysian hair, Indian hair, and Vietnamese hair are three popular hair types in the hair market. Although they share some same features since the three hair types are from Asian natives, there are also differences between these types of hair extensions. So below we bring the best info about Malaysian hair, Indian hair, and Vietnamese hair so that you can easily differentiate them.

Malaysian hair

Compared to Indian hair, Malaysian hair is thicker and heavier. The hair can be straight, curly, or wavy and comes in a wide range of textures. If you want to add volume and thickness to your hair, Malaysian hair is a great option.

When originally purchased, Malaysian hair is very sleek and shining bright. Yet after the first three months of use, it will look less shiny and get close to a natural look.

Malaysian hair extensions

Malaysian hair works best for applying curls because of its propensity to hold loops for a very long period. Malaysian curly hair does not drop or loosen its curls; instead, it keeps them in place for the rest of the day. Additionally, no hair product is required to maintain the shape of the curls.

Indian hair

Indian hair’s natural texture ranges from gentle waves to intense curls. Deeply curled hair is rare and always in short supply. The majority of natural Indian hair is naturally wavy or deep wavy. Typically, Indian hair is offered in three textures: curly, natural wavy natural straight, and natural.

Indian hair also appears to be drier than all other hair types, yet it still manages to keep its lovely waves, which are simple to curl. The curly hair holds really well. Unless you’re in a wet environment or a swimming pool, it won’t fall completely, just somewhat loosen.

Indian hair

With Indian hair, you might not get the precise texture you want like bone straight or a specific curl pattern. But because virgin Indian hair is so adaptable, you can easily flat iron your hair to achieve a smooth, straight look or curl it to achieve the style you choose.

Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is strong and thick with round black hair strands. It is known as the most durable and natural-looking hair. Vietnamese women lead basic lives, and everything about that, including what they eat. And that really shows in the quality of their hair: silky, smooth, and strong.

Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is quite easy to dye and color in a variety of hues, including brown, blonde, gray, and even purple and velvet red. Straight Vietnamese hair is thought to be one of the most ideal hair extensions for styling. More naturally curly forms of virgin hair from Vietnam are available, however, they are not very curly.

The natural features of Vietnamese hair make it the ideal hair type for so many hairstyles, especially bone straight. Vietnamese hair can blend in well with European and African American women’s different hair textures.

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Whether you are a hair user or a hair seller, it’s essential to know the differences between types of hair.

Indian hair, Malaysian hair, and Vietnamese hair have their own stunning characteristics. If you want to add volume and thickness, Malaysian hair is an ideal choice. But for those who want a hair type that can hold the curls well, Indian hair should be on your list. And if hair quality and durability are what you are concerned about, Vietnamese hair is the right option.

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