Insider: Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

So far, human hair extensions have been a popular choice among women. Besides China and India, Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Cambodia also take a large part in the human hair extensions market. Many people may think these two types of hair resemble each other since they both come from Southeast Asia with a similar climate and lifestyle. However, these two types of hair are not the same. Each one has its own features. So, let’s figure it out the similarities and differences between Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair in this blog post.

Similarities between Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair

Cambodian hair comes from Cambodian donors and Vietnamese hair is from Vietnamese donors. Since both countries are in Southeast Asia, they share some similarities as below:

  • Natural color: Both types of hair have a true natural color that is a softer shade of black. Hair vendors refer to this color as off-black or Color 1b. It occasionally comes in color 2, a softer variation of black.
  • Healthy hair: Vietnamese women and Cambodian women give their hair certain treatments to maintain the strength and health of their hair. These treatments don’t include any chemical components. They also maintain a healthy diet that is helpful for their hair. That’s why the hair comes with healthy cuticles. There is less chance of matting and tangling.
  • Coloring and bleaching: Both Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair are ideal hair types for coloring and bleaching. You can have a really nice result for the bleaching and/or coloring of these hair types, but we strongly suggest that it be done by a professional using high-quality hair dyes.

Difference between Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair

Cambodian hair

Just like other types of hair extensions, Cambodian hair extensions come in three textures, namely straight, curly and wavy textures. However, the natural texture of Cambodian hair is light wavy. Cambodian hair is a little coarse in texture, enabling it to hold curls better.

Cambodian hair extensions in wavy texture
Cambodian hair extensions in a processed wavy texture

Vietnamese hair

The well-known Vietnamese hair extensions, which come from Vietnamese women, are renowned for their round, thick, naturally straight hair and high black melanin. Vietnamese hair extensions are completely natural and healthy, free from any harm caused by chemical treatments, straightening, or other styling methods like coloring or curling.

Vietnamese hair extensions may withstand extreme weather conditions because Southeast Asia has a variety of climates. This also explains why Vietnamese hair comes with round and thick strands. Vietnamese hair is more durable. It can last more than 3 years with proper care.

Natural straight Vietnamese weft hair
Natural straight Vietnamese weft hair

Which one to choose?

Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair both come with stunning textures and quality. Depending on the type of hair you need, they might or might not be appropriate for you.

Cambodian hair extensions should be your choice if you like more voluminous, wavy hair. Yet, if you are a fan of straight hairstyles, especially bone straight hair, or want to go flexible with your hair extensions, Vietnamese hair should be your #1 selection.

Now that you know the similarities and differences between Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair, you can widen your choice when it comes to hair extensions. If you run a hair salon, offering both hair types can be a smart way to meet the diverse demands of your customers.

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