Top smart tips on how to maintain bone straight hair

how to maintain bine straight hair

Bone straight is a stress-free kind of hair that does not require high maintenance. Yet, it’s always better to treat the hair well so that it can stay with you longer. Plus bone straight hair is not cheap, taking care of the hair is also a way to save your spending. So in this blog post, we will guide you through how to maintain bone straight hair and the dos and don’ts for the best look.

Things to know before maintaining bone straight hair

Before we learn how to maintain bone straight hair, there are several things you should know about bone straight that affects how we should take care of the hair.

How bone straight hair is processed?

At BigG Hair’s factory, Vietnamese bone straight human hair is straightened by the “hot steam” method and some Vietnamese herbals. Therefore, the hair is stronger than those straightened by using chemicals. Yet, as the hair is already heat and steam straightened, you cannot curl or switch up its style.

How bone straight hair is made at BigG factory
How bone straight hair is made at BigG factory

How to unpack the hair in the right way?

Because of the shipment, including the packaging method and long delivery time, sometimes, bone straight hair bundles do not have the finest texture as we show in our photos/videos. So, how to unpack the hair bundles correctly?

Our tip is once you unbox the hair, let’s shake the bundles for a while since bone straight hair may become sloppy after the shipping process. By shaking the hair bundles, the tresses can return to their original texture.

Besides, due to the packaging, sometimes bone straight hair is rolled or has slight waves in the hair. For such a case, we recommend you straighten the hair again before using it to get the best look with the hair.

How to maintain bone straight hair?

Re-straighten bone straight hair before using

As we have said above, bone straight hair can be rolled up due to packaging, so it’s advisable to straighten the hair again before you use it.

So, how should we straighten the hair?

  • First of all, let’s gather your tools, including some clips, a hair comb, a bottle of hair serum, and a hair straightener.
  • Spray some hair serum all over the hair bundle to help the hair have more moisture, preventing the damage that can occur because of heat.
  • Comb the hair in a downward motion, starting at the tail, and then comb the top part of the bundle.
  • Divide the bundle into small sections and use your hair straightener to straighten the hair.
  • Remember not to turn on the highest heat mode right away. You can start with the medium heat mode first. The recommended temperature for the straightening process is 180oC (= 356oF) for black hair and 160oC (= 320oF) for colored hair.
How to maintain bone straight hair before using with hair straightener
How to maintain bone straight hair using a hair straightener

Dos and don’ts tips on how to maintain bone straight hair


  • Gently comb the hair: Combing the hair is the fastest way to make it tangle-free. Though it’s really easy to brush and comb through bone straight hair, don’t harshly comb the hair since it will loosen the hair and cause hair loss. You should comb the tail first, then move to the top part. Remember always comb your hair bundles in a downward motion.
  • Wash the hair frequently: After you wear the hair for several days, your bone straight hair will look dry, greasy, and dirty. That’s why you should wash your hair extensions frequently to bring back their vibrant look.
  • Use alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner: Alcohol products will dry the hair and make it shed and tangled. So, it’s best to opt for alcohol-free and moisturizing products.
  • For colored bone straight hair, you should wash it using cool water to save the color for a longer time.
  • Use hair serum and argan oil: Since human hair extensions do not get the natural oil from your scalp like your natural hair, it is easier to dry. Accordingly, you should nourish the hair and add shine to it by applying some hair serum and argan oil
  • Consult your hairstylist if you intend to change the style of bone straight hair: It’s not advisable to change up bone straight hair. Yet, if you really want a new look, let’s get some advice from your hairstylist in order not to damage the hair.
  • Store the hair in a cool and dry place if not used: To keep the hair in a good state when you use it later.
How to maintain bone straight hair
Treat your bone straight hair well to make it stay with you longer


  • Curl the hair or switch up styles: Bone straight hair is not an option for hairstyling with heat. Even if you curl the hair, the curls will be loose quickly. Not to mention that bone straight hair is processed hair, so styling with heat will damage the hair.
  • Use dry shampoo only to clean the hair: Clean your hair with dry shampoo only will cause product buildups and harm your hair. So, just use it if you are in a hurry and can’t manage to wash your bone straight hair with normal shampoo and water. But still, you should wash your bone straight hair with water at least once a week.
  • Comb the hair from tip to root: This will surely make your hair tangled and even split.
  • Sleep with wet bone straight hair: This will weaken your hair extensions and make them tangled. Not to mention other skin issues can occur due to damp hair.

Where can you find the best advice on how to maintain bone straight hair?

Though you can easily search for more info about bone straight hair care tips on Google, they might be too general and not the right advice for your bone straight human hair. Yet, buying hair from BigG Hair, you can get instant and exact advice for using, caring for, and maintaining bone straight hair from our dedicated sales staff.

BigG Hair is here to bring you the best service and premium bone straight hair weave and wigs at an unbeatable price. Just contact BigG Hair NOW to get support!

To conclude, bone straight hair is easy to take care of. So, let’s spend some time caring for the hair with our smart tips on how to maintain bone straight hair. Don’t forget that the better you treat the hair, the shinier your look will be. Thanks for reading!


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