The difference between remy hair and virgin hair

The difference between remy hair and virgin hair

When it comes human hair extension and you are a amateur in this filed, have you ever wondered about what Remy and Virgin hair ? What is the difference between Remy hair and virgin hair? And you hardly to make a choice between two options? Let’s follow me to have your own answer. Are you ready?

What Is The Difference Between Remy Hair and Virgin Hair?

Before you understand the difference between Remy hair and Virgin hair is, firstly let’s see what is Remy hair and Virgin hair is

Remy Hair

Do you truly know what remy hair is? Remy hair is made of real human hair, with no synthetic hair. In fact, each hair has a layer of cuticles, like a small scales, reminiscent of the scales on a fish, forming a protective layer on our hair and giving it shine. Remy hair is the hair that the cuticles are kept intact and lye in the same root-tip direction so the hair stays silk and soft; easy to brush and to manage. It is usually come from various donors (2 to 3 contributors for 100 grams hair). If you use Remy human hair, you can dye, blench and wash it as your own hair.  With proper care, it should last over 1 year. Remy hair is considered to be the fine quality of human hair when it is less prone to tangles and knotting.

the difference between remy hair and virgin hair


Remy Hair last long time over one years with the care requires more care than regular human hair. It tends to still look fresh even months later. Remy hair is very popular on the hair extension market due to easy-collection process and their outstanding benefits.

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is 100% human hair (also called raw hair) that’s never been through any kind of chemical processing, no previous bleach, color, or dyed. To qualify, the hair must be from only single donor so each bundle you have to buy from the same donors (the donor could be Vietnamese, Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, etc). All cuticles of the hair have to be intact and running in the same direction. Thus the hair is very smooth, soft and no tangle. Virgin hair also has not been exposed to harsh heats or treatments through straightening and blow drying. If these things are not so, this it is not purely virgin hair. Virgin hair is chosen because they give the highest quality hair, last longer than any other types of hair and of course they are the most expensive and became more difficult to track down when hair trends and styles evolved.

the difference between remy hair and virgin hair 1


The Difference Between Remy Hair and Virgin Hair

Many people think that Remy hair is the same as virgin hair. But it is wrong. Here is the some the similarity and the difference between Remy hair and virgin hair.

The Similarity of Remy Hair and Virgin Hair 

  • Both Remy hair and virgin hair are 100% human hair, so their lifespan is long if you take care them well.
  • Both Remy hair and virgin hair have intact cuticle with hair strands arranged in the same direction, which may prevent the hair from being shed and tangle.

The Difference Between Remy Hair and Virgin Hair

Let’s follow this table to understand easily the difference between remy hair and virgin hair:

Remy Hair  Virgin Hair
Donors come from 2-3 donors usually come from only one donor
Process used to dye, bleach, iron, etc not use any chemical products.
Lifespan >1 year 2-3 years
Cost Cheaper more expensive
  • The remy hair is collected from some donors and might have been used to dye and bleach while the Virgin hair did not process any chemical products.
  • Virgin hair comes from one donor and always as it was
  • Remy hair is cheaper than Virgin hair but can easily to buy.
  • Virgin hair is more expensive than Remy hair, can last longer

Which One Is The Better Choice?

Is Virgin Hair better than Remy Hair? I think it depends on you and your budget. The virgin hair will be more expensive than Remy human hair so it can stay longer, and look more natural. It is often the better choice for hair bleaching as they are natural and unprocessed chemicals. If you wish for the best hair for bleaching your hair perfectly, virgin hair will be the best option. If you want to save money and do not need to make the hair to light color, you can choose Remy hair. The truth is over 90% of all human hair out there has been chemically processed in one form or another and virgin hair is not easy to purchase. So please feel free if you buy Remy hair instead of Virgin ones.

the difference between remy hair and virgin hair 2


You can visit this article to get more details about Virgin hair, Remy hair and Non-Remy hair: Difference between Remy and Non Remy hair.

In fact, If may not be able to differentiate which one is virgin hair, which one is Remy hair until you use them. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice to make a wise and reasonable decision. Or you are interested in human hair extension, do not forget WhatsApp BigG Hair or visit our representative offices in USA, Germany, England, and Nigeria!





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