Quick weave vs sew in, which one is better?

Quick weave vs sew in, which one is better

Quick weaves vs sew-in are great for creating a variety of looks without needing to alter your natural hair or take a lot of time. However, both of them have a bad reputation for some with horror stories about hair damage caused by pulling your hair and removal of quick weaves. In this article, let’s find out in detail about the advantages and disadvantages as well as what the difference is between them to see if they are as “bad” as rumored! Are you ready?

Quick weaves

What is a Quick Weave?

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A quick weave is a full head weaving technique where tracks are glued to a wave or cap. The entire style is done on a foundation that’s easily applied to and removed from the head. It’s basically a custom-made wig. With a quick weave, you can create any look with hair extension. It can be curly or straight, long or short, all one color or filled with highlights.

Pros of Wearing a Quick Weave

There are numerous advantages in deciding to wear quick weaves that make them appealing.  Here are four reasons for you to consider.

  • Affordability: A quick weave is a great alternative to the traditional sew-in because it is cheaper compared to the cost of extensions like sew-ins or clip-ins.
  • Quick: Quick weaves, just like the name, are fast and quick. This weaving technique can be completed in only 1.5 hours, much faster than sewing-in.
  • Easy to Remove: The wefts are attached to the cap instead of your natural hair, which makes it easier for you to remove and replace the hair extensions. For this convenience, this method is loved by many women nowadays.
  • Low maintenance: A quick weave doesn’t require much upkeep. All you need to do is a daily nighttime wrapping method without putting much thought and worry about how to maintain a quick weave.

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Cons of Wearing a Quick Weave

  • Duration: The quick weave has a short lifespan from 5 to 6 weeks. Therefore, if you are expecting to enjoy longer wear out of this product, you may have to reconsider
  • Damaging to your hair: wearing a quick weave can be damaging to your hairline, scalp, and hair. This damage often occurs when adhesive or hair glue comes into contact with your natural hair or hairline during the installation process. Ideally, you want to avoid allowing any glue to come into contact with your hairline or hair which means ensuring you are wearing the correct form of a quick weave cap. Another reason may damage your hair when they are too tight on your scalp or hairline.
  • Risk for shedding: Hair used for quick weaves is more likely to shed since you’re going to cut tracks or hair wefts to fit around your wig cap.
  • Hair loss: quick weaves is the potential for hair loss and damage. This mainly happens if you get hair glue on your hair during the installation process or if you aren’t using a high-quality wig cap. Poor-quality glue can also damage your hair if they come in contact.
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Sew In 

What is sew-in weave?

Sew-in weaves are a process where your natural is braided down into cornrows, then use a needle and thread to sew down hair extensions onto the braids. With a sew-in, your natural hair is tucked away, so it requires very little upkeep. It also gives your natural hair a break from the damage of day-to-day styling so if you’re trying to grow out your hair, a sew-in is a great option.

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Pros Of Wearing A Sew-In Weave

Whether your own hair is relaxed or natural, there are benefits to a sew in weave. Wearing a weave is a discreet way of adding more length and fullness to your style. The weaving technique involves sewing weft hair extensions into your natural hair once it has been carefully braided into tracks.

  • Style In Different Ways: Sew-in weave can be worn with a number of styles such as weaves with curls,  straight hair, color, etc
  • Add Length and Volume: Weaves can add length where you want it, and volume where you need it. They can conceal thinning areas or areas where your hair doesn’t grow and take your style from short to long, giving you the flexibility to change your style without waiting for your hair to grow.
  • Easy To Manage: Sew-in weaves are fitted without any heat or glue. We expertly sew-in your weave which means there is no damage to your natural hair. Once fitted, you are free to style your hair exactly as you would your own hair. Wash and style your hair as you normally would
  • Sew In Grow Your Hair:  One of the benefits of a sew-in weave is that it grows your hair. Many people have difficulty growing their own natural hair. Others like to give their hair a break from chemical straightening and give it a rest with a protective style. With a weave in place, your hair is secured in place and your natural hair will grow beneath it.

Cons Of Wearing A Sew In

Long and tiring: Installing sew in is quite long and tiring, you can not apply it by yourself. You need to go a professional hairdresser who has experience applying sew-in weaves.

Not suitable for who have thin hair: As we mentioned, your hair needs to be braided near to the roots, and sew-in hair extensions into them, which is why these extensions can weigh your hair down or damage if you have thin hair. Therefore, if your hair is thin, you should consider purchasing another hair extension.

Washing and cleaning are hard: Due to your natural hair remaining braided during the time that the hair extension is on, a lot bacteria and build-up from products can accumulate in the braids. You should wash your hair regularly and spend a good amount of time washing it.

What’s the Difference Between Sew-In vs Quick Weave?

The difference between a quick weave vs a sew in might seem self-explanatory by their names alone. However, there is more to these weaves than meets the eye, and many people wonder which one would suit their needs the best. There are several key areas in which these two products differ. Let’s see the table below!


Quick Weave

Price  More expensive Lower price
Installation take 3 hours or more to complete take 1.5 hours to complete
Durability  2 months 5-6 weeks
Hair Damage


Traction alopecia, dryness, and breakage pull the hairs due to use glue, dry and break quick weaves are less damage than sew-ins


which one is better?

So between quick weave vs sew in, which one is better? A sew-in is sewn into the hair while quick weaves are bonded to a wig cap. Sew-ins last longer than quick weaves but take longer to install and cost more. Compared to quick weaves, sew-ins also add more tension to your head since you need to tightly cornrow your hair, however, sew-ins are more secure.

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if you want a style that looks polished, is quick to install, and easy to remove, quick weaves are a great option. Sew-in is the better choice if you are looking for a longer-lasting hairstyle. Sew-ins also offer more styling versatility than glue-in weaves. Depending on how a sew-in is installed, you can change your part and wear it in many different ways

No matter what you are prone to use sew-in or quick weave, as long as you are confident in being yourself, you will all shine in your own way. Follow us to update more trendy hairstyles and useful tips to style and maintain your hair!





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