Quick 5-step guide on buying a bone straight weavon

Buying bone straight weavon

Bone straight hair is undoubtedly the hottest hairstyle that everyone wants for this season. You can see it here and there on the streets and even every time you are on your social networks. Yet, before you decide to order a bundle of bone straight weavon to get the style, it’s better to follow our guide below. So, you won’t make any mistakes.

Do some research on bone straight weavon

Let’s make sure you know about bone straight weavon well before you spend thousands of Naira on the hair. That includes how the hair looks like, different types of bone straight hair, the average bone straight hair price in the market, and where to buy quality bone straight weave hair.

Know how the hair looks like

Bone straight hair has a great texture. It looks really straight with almost no split ends. However, due to the different production methods, not every bone straight weavon in the market can look freshly straightened as it should be. Therefore, if you are not sure what bone straight hair is supposed to look like, you may get scammed buying hair. So, it’s better to search for the hair images before you buy it.

Make sure you know how bone straight weavon looks like
Make sure you know how bone straight weavon looks like

Research different types of bone straight weavon

Currently, bone straight hair comes in three types based on the hair standard (or hair grade): single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn. If you are a fan of thick tresses, super double drawn bone straight hair is an ideal choice for you. Yet, if you have thin hair or want to opt for something that looks like your real hair, single drawn hair will suit you best. So, let’s make sure you know these types of bone straight hair, then you can have the right hair item.

Get to know the average bone straight hair price in the market

Knowing how much bone straight weavon costs is important to do before you can purchase it. So you can see if this hair item is a perfect match for your purse. More importantly, while researching for bone straight hair prices, you can find a suitable hair vendor with the price that you can afford. But be careful with those who offer strangely low prices since that may be a sign of hair scammers.

Check the latest bone straight hair price in this post: Latest update on bone straight hair price in Nigeria

Make some research on hair vendors

There are plenty of hair vendors supplying bone straight weavon out there, and most of them come from China, Vietnam and Cambodia.

  • Chinese hair vendors often offer a lower price and they sell in bulk. Yet, the quality is not the same among vendors and Chinese hair is not considered the best quality bone straight hair.
  • Vietnamese hair vendors: Bone straight weave hair from Vietnamese hair vendors are often reviewed with higher quality. They can also supply great quantities for salons and retail stores. Vietnamese hair, with the finest texture for bone straight hair and great durability thanks to a standard production process using no chemical, is now highly sought in Nigeria and all over Africa.

So, by researching where to find quality bone straight hair bundles, you can get make a list of potential vendors before you make an order.

Do some research on hair vendors
Do some research on hair vendors

Put your budget in mind

Bone straight weavon is a classy item, so you can’t expect to buy the hair at a cheap price. There might be a price difference between hair vendors, but in general, this trendy hair weave is more expensive than other types of human hair weave.

Especially, if you want to purchase longer hair, it will cost you even more. And the same thing goes with the colored bone straight hair. Trendy colors like ombre, mixed colors, piano,… are higher in price than natural black color. Therefore, after you have conducted overall research on the price of bone straight hair, let’s prepare your budget since you are going to lose a couple of thousands from your account.

But what if your bank account is not overflowing? Our tip is to buy simple and basic colors like black, brown, chestnut, gold yellow, etc.

Bone straight weavon with basic color often costs less
Bone straight weave with basic color often costs less.

Demand to know which types of bone straight hair

Once you decide on a potential hair vendor you are going to work with, let’s ask them which types of bone straight hair they offer. By making inquiries about the types of bone straight hair, you can also evaluate if each type suits the price they offer. The highest quality and most expensive bone straight weavon is super double drawn (A4+).

Also, be sure the hair vendor isn’t taking advantage of you by selling another type of hair for a higher price. The key is to inquire as if you know more than they do and measure their response.

Hair standard for bone straight hair in Nigeria
Hair standard for bone straight hair

Make sure you trust the hair vendor

This step is exceptionally important for online shopping. You must know a hair vendor well enough and what makes you put your trust in them before you make an order.

A trustworthy hair supplier does not necessarily involve a big brand name. There are also good hair vendors offering the same quality at a more reasonable price. Hence, before you buy bone straight weavon, make sure you can get some sample hair to testify the hair quality, or visit the market or store to pick out the hair you like.

There are also many other ways to verify a hair vendor like searching for reviews, evaluating through their website, checking if they have trade representatives or offline stores in your country, etc.

And let’s prepare yourself with some tips on avoiding hair scammers through this video:

BigG Hair understands your worries before buying hair. That’s why we always send you raw videos/photos of our hair for you to see the real quality. We currently have a registered office in the USA, which always welcomes you to come and feel the hair quality by yourself.

And for customers in Nigeria, Germany, and the UK, you can always contact our trade representatives. They will visit you and bring the hair for you to testify its look and quality.

How to order bone straight weavon from BigG Hair

And finally, after all the consideration, it’s time to make your order. Buying hair online is popular nowadays, so you can easily purchase bone straight weavon anywhere and anytime.

So, how to order bone straight hair with BigG Hair?

  • First of all, let’s visit our site and select your favorite bone straight human hair (If you are still not sure which one to buy, you can have a consultation from our sales team).
  • Whatsapp BigG Hair via (+84)-868-812-379. We are available 24/7.
  • Get the information (about price and shipping fee,…)
  • Get a quotation for your order
  • Make a full or partial payment
  • Your order is processing at the factory
  • Confirm the hair items of your order with our sales staff (They will send you videos and images of your order)
  • Pay the remaining amount if you have not made a full payment
  • Wait for the hair to reach your door
  • Receive our bone straight weave bundles and give feedback

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So this is our 5-step guide on buying bone straight weavon. We hope that you can choose and buy the best bone straight hair bundles to create stunning styles. And don’t forget to follow our blog for more tips and useful info. Thanks for reading.

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