With a desire to help customers purchase more easily and confidently, we had our representatives in the world such as the US, Africa, and especially Nigeria. Hope that with this renovation, connecting with customers is no longer a barrier for us 

Who they are?

Mrs. Ann (UK)

Our representative in UK

Tel: 07 413 423 063

Sir Aziz Bhuian

Our representative in USA

Add: 3506 Inlet Circle, City -Greenacres, State-Florida 33463

Tel: 1 (561) 817-6327

How could they support you?

The representative is the person who manages the store and connects the company with clients. When you intend to purchase, you might directly go to the representative office or they can bring the hair samples to show you. Thanks to it, you can check the quality and the texture of hair without difficulty.

Our representatives are Nigerian so you mostly do not meet any obstacles in communication or resolve problems with them. when you need any help, the support will be done as fast as possible. You also do not have to be concerned about scams which are one of the worrisome matters when shopping online. Our envoy easily makes a video phone call with the office, factory, or activities involved in manufacturing, package, shipping process, etc

US Registered Office:

155 Office Plaza Drive, Suite A, Tallahassee, FL 32301, USA

UK Representative office:

Lewis Building, 31 Bull St, Birmingham B4 6JW, United Kingdom

Germany Representative office:

Neuturmstrasse 5 Munich, BY 80331, Germany
BIGG office

Asia Registered Office:

9/7 Le Duc Tho St., My Dinh 2 ward, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

They also work as market research analysts when they can up-to-date trending faster, capture interest and culture better compared with other ones who are not Nigerian. Even you would business new products which have never been on the market, just send it for our representative and then we will research and develop them as your require.