Types of human hair and their prices in Nigeria

Types of human hair and their prices in Nigeria

Hair extensions industry is booming in Nigeria. Wigs and weaves are the popular items among the women here. So if you want to start a hair business or want to buy one for your look, let’s check this blog post to know why Nigerian women love human hair wigs and weave, the different types of human hair and their prices in Nigeria.

Why do Nigerian women wear human wigs and hair extensions?

According to a survey conducted by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), at least 8 out of 10 Nigerian women wear wigs as part of their everyday life. The survey result also stated that 54.5% of them have one to three wigs, while the remaining 45.5% have six or more wigs for rotation.

Apart from human hair wigs, Nigerians also use sew-in weaves which are created with a lace closure/frontal with several bundles of human hair wefts. So, what are the reasons why Nigerians love wearing human hair wigs and extensions?


Wigs are worn by Nigerian women for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is convenience. Having wigs or weaves means less time spent in the salon. The amount of time you spend at the salon on trimming and styling your hair is a lot more than you can imagine. Rather than waiting for long hours at a hair salon, Nigerian women choose to use that time to do many other things. Wearing a wig saves them a lot of time in the long run.

Many Nigerian women lead very busy lives, whether they are working, caring for children, running errands, running their own business, or even studying, and as a result, they are constantly on the move. As a result, they don’t have a lot of time for hairstyling and they choose to wear human hair wigs and weaves.

Beautiful look

Nigerian women really care for their looks. They love to change their hairstyle with wigs and weaves to look more beautiful. Wigs and weaves help them switch up their look easily. And since their natural hair is quite stiff and curly, it is not easy to change the hairstyle frequently.

They prefer human hair wigs and weaves rather than synthetic ones since human hair gives them a natural look and feel.

A protective solution for real hair

The natural hair of Nigerians is quite brittle and sheds a lot. That’s why when Nigerian ladies want to give their hair a break, they choose to wear wigs and weaves. It’s a matter of fact that the less you style your hair, the faster it grows. Furthermore, wigs keep your hair from drying out in extreme weather conditions, such as during the harmattan season, when the weather is particularly dry.

As more Nigerian women appreciate their natural hair, the usage of wigs has grown in popularity, owing to the fact that all they have to do is weave their natural hair to the back and grab a wig, and they can do the same thing in the next day.

So, what types of human hair are available in Nigeria and how much do they cost? Let’s move to the next part.

What are different types of human hair and their prices in Nigeria

There are several ways to categorize human hair, and in this blog post, we group different types of human hair in Nigeria according to the originality/quality (whether the hair is processed), texture and hair standard.

Based on hair quality

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is the most expensive and natural type of hair extension available. One donor’s raw hair is normally used in one bundle of human hair extensions. They are not modified chemically or mechanically. After harvesting the hair bundles, hair manufacturers wash and sew the hair into wefts for ease of use.

Another great feature of virgin hair is it keeps the donor’s natural color and texture because it is not dyed, bleached, permed, or steamed. Therefore, this type of hair allows wearers to dye, bleach, and curl to change the style.

Remy Human Hair

In terms of quality and originality, Remy human hair is just behind raw hair. It’s also pricey, but not as expensive as raw hair. Remy human hair is simple to spot by how the hair’s cuticles are still intact. This indicates that the hair flows in the same direction from top to bottom.

Remy human hair is the next best alternative for you if you want natural-looking human hair that isn’t as expensive as raw human hair.

Non-Remy Hair

Non-Remy Hair is made up entirely of human hair, yet it is collected in piles. It’s cheaper than Remy hair extensions.

The roots of this type of hair are not aligned (Roots and tips traveling in both directions). And since the cuticle does not run in the same direction, hair manufacturers need a greater acid concentration for the processing. As a result, the hair loses a lot of moisture and becomes dry and straw-like.

To hide this, some hair companies use a great amount of silicone to make the hair look shiny and healthy. Once you wash the hair, however, the silicone comes out and you can see how tangling the hair is.

Mixed Hair

Mixed hair is a type of human hair that combines human hair with synthetic or heat-resistant fibers. People also call it human hair fiber. Mixed hair is the cheapest sort of human hair available, and some are even combined with animal hair. They tangle quickly after a while, and the amount of human hair in the blend determines how long they last. As a result, their prices vary according to the percentage of human hair in the blend.

Based on hair standard

Based on the hair standard, there are three common types of human hair available in the Nigerian hair market. They are single-drawn hair (SD), double-drawn hair (DD), and super double-drawn hair (SSD).

The main difference between these three types of human hair weaves is the percentage of hair strands having the same length, which leads to the different thicknesses at the tips of a hair bundle.

Single-drawn hair weave has the thinnest hair ends but resembles natural hair growth. Whereas, super double-drawn hair is featured with the perfect thickness for hairstyling with the largest portion of hair having the same length from root to tip.

Among these types of hair standards, super double-drawn hair is the most expensive. Yet, it is still a favorite item among Nigerian women since they prefer thicker hairstyles.

BigG Hair standard has 3 types of standard
BigG Hair standard has 3 types of standard

Based on texture

When it comes to texture, there are three main types of human hair wigs and weave in the Nigerian hair market, namely straight, curly and wavy. And each main texture also includes different hairstyles. Below is BigG Hair’s texture chart with the most fashionable texture in Nigeria.

  • Straight human hair wigs and weaves: natural straight, bone straight, kinky straight, yaki straight
  • Wavy human hair wigs and weaves: deep wavy, loose wavy, body wavy, water wavy, bouncy wavy, Fumi wavy, classic wavy, big wavy
  • Curly human hair wigs and weaves: Curly, deep curly, romantic curly, kinky curly, twist curly, afro curly, Peruvian curly, pixie curly, magic curly, bouncy curly, body twist curly, and curly tips.
Types of human hair and their prices in Nigeria depends on different hair texture
Types of human hair and their prices in Nigeria depends on different hair texture

The price of human hair in Nigeria

In general, the cost of hair extensions depends largely on hair quality. Virgin hair is the most expensive because it is the greatest quality, while mixed hair is the cheapest because they are the lowest quality. The following is an estimate of the cost of hair extensions, which is subject to change.

  • Virgin Hair: N400,000 – N700,000
  • Remy Human Hair: N90,000 – N300,000
  • Non-Remy Hair: N10,000 – N50,000
  • Mixed Hair: N5000 – N30,000

The same thing goes with the hair standard. The thicker the hair ends, the more expensive the bundle is. Super double drawn hair has the highest price, followed by double-drawn hair, and single-drawn hair is the cheapest one.

And as regards hair texture, we can line up the hair price increases as follows:

Normal straight hair < Wavy hair < Curly hair < Bone straight hair

In recent years, bone straight human hair is one of the most searched types of human hair in Nigeria thanks to its sleek and scanty look to users. So, if you run a hair business, don’t miss this marvelous item. Bone straight hair is trending and selling the hair can bring a great profit for your hair business.

Check the full price list of human hair based on texture on the BigG Hair Price page.


There are different types of human hair in Nigeria according to hair quality, hair standard, and hair texture. Depending on each type of hair, hair vendors set a different prices for their hair items. As a hair retailer in Nigeria, you should get a full understanding of each type of hair and its average price in the hair market so that you can also offer a competitive price for your hair items.

And if you are wondering where to buy human hair in Nigeria, don’t skip BigG Hair. We are here to provide the best Remy human hair wigs and weaves at the BEST price in the market.

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We hope that this article brings you enough info about types of human hair and their prices in Nigeria. Don’t forget to follow us for more news and tips. Thanks!

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