Everything you need to know about Swiss lace

All about Swiss lace for wig making

Swiss lace is a familiar term referring to the type of fabric used for wig making. Thanks to its reasonable price and great quality, Swiss lace has been receiving so much love from wig users. So in this post, we will bring you all the information about this delicate lace material, a comparison with other types of lace fabrics, why we should choose it, and Swiss lace price in Nigeria.

Characteristics of Swiss lace

What does Swiss lace look like?

Swiss lace is a very popular material among wig makers and manufacturers. Normal Swiss lace is thicker and darker than Super ultra-thin Swiss lace. However, once the wig is worn, it will be invisible because it is well-fitting in the skin.

What is Swiss lace made of?

Swiss lace is made of a high-quality lace fabric imported from Germany.

How is Swiss lace used in hair extensions?

Swiss lace is for human hair lace wigs (both full lace wigs and lace front wigs), synthetic lace wigs and lace frontal, and lace closure.

Swiss lace is used to make lace frontal, closure and lace wigs
Swiss lace is used to make lace frontal, closure, and lace wigs

Do Swiss lace blend with your hairline?

When worn, Swiss lace blends in seamlessly with the hairline. It greatly matches your skin tone to create a natural hairline. However, it’s important to keep in mind that lace visibility is also affected by other factors like how the wig was ventilated, such as single or double knots, the type of knot used, and whether the knots were bleached.

Types of Swiss lace – lace colors

Swiss lace is available in a transparent color, a light beige (similar to a peach color), light brown, medium brown, and dark brown color. Since it comes in 4 fixed colors, in some cases, it cannot completely match your skin complexion. For such cases, we recommend you follow these tips:

  • Hide the parting or hairline with your regular concealer or one that matches your skin tone
  • Dye the lace (you can even use tea to darken it)
  • Use a fabric marker

Swiss lace vs other types of lace materials

Swiss lace vs HD lace


Swiss lace has a longer lifespan than HD lace. Even though both laces are thin, Swiss lace is considered to be a preferable alternative for people who want their wig to last a long period.

Furthermore, users can compare the stiffness of Swiss lace and HD lace to see why Swiss lace lasts nearly a year.


When it comes to color aesthetics, HD lace is the way to go. The HD lace wig has a natural appearance and a luxury appearance. These materials are very thin and delicate.


HD lace costs more than Swiss lace since it brings a more invisible hairline. If you have a large budget, HD lace is a great choice. But if you like an item that is durable at an affordable price, Swiss lace should be on your top list.

So overall, you should go for Swiss lace because it won’t get damaged. They require minimal maintenance and can stay for years even if you have a demanding work schedule. Whereas, HD lace should be the choice of those who are knowledgeable about wigs and can properly handle them.

Swiss lace vs French lace

Swiss lace is slightly thinner than French lace, which is owing in part to the wider holes. A structure with larger holes is less dense. For that reason, Swiss lace is simply slightly less visible than French lace.

Let’s take a close-up look at the two types of lace below, with the size of the holes differing slightly.

French lace
French lace
Swiss lace
Swiss lace

Yet, since Swiss lace is significantly thinner than French lace, it’s less strong and thus less durable if not handled properly.

Therefore, Swiss lace wigs better suit those with greater lace wig experience. A Swiss lace wig can be worn by someone whose lifestyle necessitates frequent washing of the hair (and thus the lace) – it’s just that these activities must be done with particular care.

And in terms of price, Swiss lace is more expensive than French lace since it is of higher quality.

Why Swiss lace?

Adding Swiss lace wigs into your product line will demonstrate to your customers that you cater to a wide range of customers with high-quality hair items! Authentic Swiss is made in Europe and is only available from a few merchants. (Please note that genuine Swiss lace is unavailable in China.)

Are you looking for a hairline that is simply flawless? You’ve come to the right place! Because the wig lace foundation matches a variety of skin tones, blending is never an issue! However, if tinting is desired, the foundation could be colored.

Take your lace wigs to the next level at a higher price! Simply adding a strip of ordinary Swiss lace to your unit’s hairline will increase demand and interest in your products. Not to mention that your return on investment ($) will be far larger than if you solely sell traditional lace wigs.

Swiss lace price in Nigeria

Swiss lace is in high demand, and many vendors are aware of its popularity. You can see in the market there are many adverts offering Swiss lace for $10-$20 per 1/2 or full yard. But in fact, that isn’t genuine Swiss lace. The keyword “Swiss lace” is being used by some hair suppliers to promote their items. Vendors are also labeling their goods “Swiss lace” since consumers will buy it right away and think they’ve gotten a great price because they don’t know the difference.

In the Nigerian hair market, people often buy lace frontal and closure and some bundles of human hair weave to make lace wigs or a sew-in weave rather than buying pieces of Swiss lace alone to make a lace closure/frontal. Making a lace closure/frontal requires you a great deal of patience.

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And above are all the pieces of information about Swiss lace. As a hair seller, you will need to get a full understanding of different kinds of lace materials to consult your customers. So, we hope that this article will be useful to you. Thanks for reading!

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