Quick tips: How to know fake bone straight hair?

How to know fake boe straight hair

Bone straight hair has been the hottest item in the range. And of course, it doesn’t come cheap. That’s why you need to make sure you are getting what you pay for. And if you intend to sell bone straight hair, make sure you don’t lose customers for selling the fake hair. So, how to know fake bone straight hair? Let’s follow our tips!

How to know fake bone straight hair?

The straightness of the hair

As its name suggests, bone straight hair is as straight as a bone. If a hair manufacturer applies the right method to produce the hair, it will get the perfect straightness as its name states. However, many hair vendors just have the hair look glossy in their Instagram adverts. The real hair you receive may not have the right sleek and straight look as it must have. If you see the hair bundles slightly bend at the tips or the body, that’s totally poorly-made bone straight hair.

Real bone straight hair secures a great straightness as its name states
Real bone straight hair secures great straightness as its name states


This is the simplest way to determine if you purchased real or fake hair. Bone straight hair is made to look smooth and silky. It does not tangle easily. In fact, it’s rarely tangled. Human hair bundles, also do not tangle as much as synthetic hair. Hence, if you see the hair gets tangled easily, it’s not real bone straight hair.

Take a burn test

If you buy bone straight human hair, try burning some hair strands. Although it may sound a bit crazy, this technique can tell you exactly if the hair is real or fake human hair.

Use a lighter of an unscented candle and pull a few long strands of hair from your head and hold them above the flame. If it’s real human hair, the hair will burn while fake hair will melt.

Human hair will curl up into a ball and catch fire almost instantly, emitting a strong odor of burning hair. On the other hand, when fake hair is exposed to heat, it melts and emits a burning plastic odor.

How to know fake bone straight hair: take a burn test
How to know fake bone straight hair: take a burn test

Style the hair

Bone straight hair is already styled to get the super straightness. Therefore, it cannot be curled. For real bone straight hair, even if you curl the hair, it won’t hold the curls and will turn back the original shape. So, use your flat iron and curl a small hair section to know if it’s real bone straight hair.

Hair shedding

All hair sheds, but if your bone straight hair is human hair, it will not shed as much as the synthetic one. If you see the hair sheds too much, that may be fake human hair.

How to know fake bone straight hair: Hair shedding
How to know fake bone straight hair: Hair shedding

5 smart tips to buy real bone straight hair

With these above five tips, you can identify whether what you have bought is real or fake bone straight hair. However, in some cases like when you’re in a salon or shopping online, you will not know if the hair is real. Bone straight hair is not cheap at all, and you will never want to burn a hole in your pocket for something that does not worth its price. So, how to avoid buying fake bone straight hair?

Here are some tips and questions you may ask to determine whether your hair is real or not.

Tip #1: Check the reviews/feedback of previous buyers

Whether you are purchasing from a well-known online store or a person or hair company on social media, it is critical that you read their ratings or comments section. But, make sure you evaluate the reviews well.

Although this method may not be 100% accurate since some reviews may be doctored or deceptive, it can still provide you with some level of assurance for the authenticity of what you intend to purchase.

If you are still unsure about the quality of the hair, you should travel to the physical store to inspect it for yourself, rather than relying on reviews and comments. This will help determine whether the hair is of good quality.

How to know fake bone straight hair: Check the reviews
How to know fake bone straight hair: Check the reviews

Tip #2: Low price does not always good

Even if the seller is advertising a discount or special offer, there is something wrong if the hair quality appears to be reasonably greater than the price. Bone straight hair is one of the most expensive hair items on the market now, so don’t fall into the trap of a strangely low price offer. It’s a sign of a hair scammer. The hair may not be real bone straight hair or it comes with low quality. Chances are that the costliest is original.

Tip #3: Asking where the hair is sourced

Your hair supplier should be able to tell you what kind of hair you are buying. So, don’t hesitate to ask them where the hair comes from. Vietnamese bone straight hair is known for the best hair quality. Although it comes at a higher price than Chinese hair, it serves the best look and durability. And if you run a hair retailing business in Nigeria, you will need to maintain quality consistency. So, be sure that all of the hair you purchase comes from the same source.

Tip #4: Require to get real videos/images of the hair

If you buy the hair online, don’t be fooled by the glossy photoshopped images of bone straight hair on social networks. It’s better to ask the hair vendors to send you real videos/photos of the hair. If possible, try to make a video call and ask them to show you the hair.

Tip #5: After delivery

Once you receive the hair, it is time for you to do the final hair test. You should feel the texture of the hair and how it looks at the time of delivery.

Make sure the wefts and ends are in good shape. It’s worth noting that bone straight human hair is smooth, silky, and tangle-free.

Check the hair package once receiving
Check the hair package once receiving


Even if you buy bone straight hair online or offline, it’s better to master the above tips on how to know fake bone straight hair. This is the way for you to get the best hair quality and avoid wasting money.

With BigG Hair, you can totally put your trust in us. We supply high-quality bone straight human hair at a reasonable price. For offline customers in Nigeria, BigG Hair welcomes you to visit our official store in Lagos to see and feel the hair.

With online customers, we always send real videos and images of our bone straight for customers to see what the hair looks like. Customers can also Whatsapp us for a video call. And especially, even before the hair is packed and shipped to the customers, our sales staff always sends the videos and images of the hair to the customers for final confirmation. If there is something that does not meet their demand, even the small details, we will send the hair back to the factory for fixing. BigG Hair always strives to bring hair lovers the best quality and service.

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