The list of hair attachment company in Nigeria you should know

The list of hair attachment company in Nigeria you should know

In the Nigerian market, demand for hair attachments—both those made of human hair and those made of synthetic materials—is rising. These items come in a variety of forms, including clip-ins, tape-ins, weave, and others. The fact is that not all hair attachment company in Nigeria is high-quality or fashionable when worn. Therefore, choosing a company for hair attachments must be done with great care. The texture, presence of bulky wefts, and cost pricing are all crucial factors in determining whether the hair is of good quality. The more expensive brands are normally more authentic because real hair is frequently more expensive than synthetic hair. However, since most businesses that sell hair extensions process real human hair with chemicals, which changes its natural texture and can lead to swelling wefts and loose seams, checking the wefts of the hair bundles is essential to avoid having a bad hair experience. The current top companies are shown below.

I. About hair attachment company in Nigeria 

As you properly know, artificial hair integrations, more commonly known as hair extensions, hair weaves, and fake hair add length and fullness to human hair. Besides, hair extensions are usually clipped, glued, or sewn on natural hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair.

II. Step by step to start hair attachment company in Nigeria

1. Become Skilled

Become Skilled
Become Skilled

Due to the great range of  available on the market, you should be aware of their names, measurements, materials, and places of manufacture. This is crucial because you’ll have a variety of clientele who ask for parthair attachment companyicular brands of hair.

In the future, if a new product enters the market that your customers may not be aware of, you can also let them know about it. This is a welcome strategy for showing your customers how knowledgeable and forward-thinking you are in the industry.

2. Conduct a feasibility study for a hair attachment company in Nigeria:

You need to have an understanding of how the local hair attachment company operates. Make a list of how your company should operate both now and in the future. Plan out strategies to deal with current rivals in order to survive.
Understand how much money you’ll need to start the firm with and what the expected turnover is. Find out where to buy your products as well, either from manufacturers or wholesalers, to get them for a fair and reasonable price.

3. Capital Outlook:

The amount of money you put into equities will almost always provide a profit. Sales are anticipated to move more quickly in the market when you contribute, let’s say, N500,000 to buy a wide range of hair attachments. For instance, investing in hair accessories such expression attachments, human hair, bind wigs, and other relevant items to stock is wiser. You have a chance of getting back N 300,000 from your investment.

4. Sell Hair Accessories Too

There are some other related products that can be sold alongside hair attachments. Some of these are used for making hair. These include things like relaxers, weavon stick, weavon, weavon oil, needle and a wide range of hair creams and dandruff repellers. This does draw in people as well as in vite patronage of salon business owners to your business.

5. Maintain Moderate Price Points

The fact that there are several rivals in this industry should be your top priority. Make sure your price is both very reasonable and enticing. You don’t have to start off by earning a lot of money. Your first priority at first should be attracting additional customers and patrons. Giving customers the greatest quality at reasonable prices can earn you repeat business and long-term patronage.

6. Purchase from cheaper sources

In support of what I indicated in point 4 above, try your best to get your merchandise from places where the cost is quite low. The majority of the hair accessories are Chinese. There, they are less costly. If you don’t have enough money to import your goods from China directly, however, you might think about buying from local producers. If all else is equal, you can purchase your goods with confidence in its high quality at a reasonable price. As a result, you will be able to charge your clients and customers a fairly reasonable price for your items.

III. The list of hair attachment company in Nigeria you should know

1. Darling SuperStar

Darling Super Star
Darling Super Star
Godrej Nigeria Limited produced the hair items for Darling SuperStar. Products from Darling SuperStar are distinguished by their wavy texture.
It is a cheap hair accessory, weighing about 230g and costing N850. Many ladies vouch for the items’ high quality and the fact that they work for a variety of hairstyles. Compared to many other brands, it appears bigger and fuller.
The product’s shiny, glossy appearance is another distinguishing quality that consumers seem to prefer. When using the product, a client stated that she gets hair and scalp scrapes.

2. Naomi Boom

Naomi Boom
Naomi Boom Crochet Twist Braid – Colour 1
Solpia Nigeria Limited produced it. You need to know that the 150g size of the product costs N1,000 for a pack. The product comes in a variety of color hues and color kinds. Besides, for braiding natural hair, the brand is especially effective.
As a result of its distinctive curly pattern, it is ideal for kinky hairstyles.
Highly recommended for Ghana weaving and crochet twists.
Customers who were used to longer twists complained that this one was too brief.
A hairstylist claims that Naomi Boom is challenging to heat style.

3. Orahcover hair

Orahcover hair
Orahcover hair

The Nigerian hair extension company Orahcover offers items including Magic Bounce bundles, Malaysian hair bundles, and Peruvian hair bundles. Many consumers in Nigeria place the utmost trust in this hair attachment company in Nigeria.
Positives: High-quality work and competent service.
Online hair extension businesses in Lagos, Nigeria, in the form of a business
The primary product is straight or curly hair.

4. Beth Hair

Beth hair is well-known as one of the best hair extension brands in Nigeria that supplies hair extensions at an affordable price. This brand was chosen by many famous customers in Nigeria.

This is one of the top hair extension brands in Nigeria.

  • Pros: Low price products, affordable quality
  • Business form: Online hair extension brands in Nigeria
  • Instagram: beth_hairs
  • Main product: Curly hair

5. Success Hairmpire

Success Hampire its extensive presence, Hairmpire is one of the most well-known hair extension brands in Nigeria. However, they don’t have a website and solely sell their goods on Instagram.
Pros: Worldwide shipping and good quality.
Internet-based popular hair extension companies in Nigeria: Success Hairmpire
Main item: straight hair

6. Lareina Hairs

Global hair extension brands Lareina Hairs were established in Nigeria in 2018. They offer a range of grades of bone straight hair extensions.
Pros: Factory price and affordable quality
Online business form
Facebook: lareina hairs
Main item: hair that is bone straight

7. House Of Thildarh 

House Of Thildarh
House Of Thildarh

We can say that House Of Thildarh’s quality can comparable with many famous brands.

  • Pros: Quality hair
  • Business form: Online
  • Instagram : houseofthildarh2
  • Main products: Quality weaves, human hairs and wigs


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