Something you need to know about human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos

Something you need to know about human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos

Human hair wholesale in trade fair fair Lagos is a frequent travel destination for many individuals not only in Lagos, Nigeria, but also in the majority of African nations. So how can I set up a stand at the Lagos human hair wholesale trade fair and obtain high-quality hair extensions there? To learn more, let’s read this article.

I. About the potential of human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos

We can say that human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos is known as a destination for many seasoned wholesalers or wholesalers just starting out in the hair extension business. This is said to be a fair that might give hair vendors a boost. A regular event in Lagos, Nigeria, is the hair extensions fair. The timing of the wholesale human hair trade show in Lagos will be determined by the sponsors and will take place sporadically.

Lagos  is the area where most of the hair wholesalers in Nigeria are concentrated, so human hair wholesale trade fair is usually held in here. Besides, Lagos is also famous for importing high quality human hair extensions, so many hair wholesalers choose to buy hair from Lagos because they trust the hair choice of the people of this area. As a result, organizing human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos is to help connect wholesalers of hair extensions across Africa.

Many wholesalers of human hair extensions earn two to three times more after each expo in Lagos. In addition, their standing in the wholesale hair extension market has subsequently been improved. Because of the substantial profit, the human hair wholesale trade show in Lagos is consistently organized.

the potential of human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos

You don’t need to worry too much about missing the wholesale human hair at the Lagos trade show. Due to the possibilities this fair has, it will undoubtedly be held often on a monthly or weekly basis. Therefore, you can join and raise your income and reputation knowing that Lagos will hold a long-term human hair wholesale expo.

II. How to join a human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos

You need to know that participating in this fair is not too difficult. Nevertheless, the fair is always strictly controlled for the quality of human hair wholesale. The fair investor is undoubtedly very concerned with the reputation of this fair and each booth to deliver the greatest experience for both merchants and customers here. Nonetheless, this is a significant fair in Lagos.  

1. Having high quality goods

The best criterion for your approval for wholesale human hair at the trade show in Lagos is the caliber of your hair extensions. In Nigeria, the quality of hair extensions is always valued more highly than the quantity. So, if you are a retailer of hair extensions, how can you get around this censorship?

2. Searching for reliable and inexpensive sources of human hair

Searching for reliable and inexpensive sources
Searching for reliable and inexpensive sources

Human hair wholesale at trade fair Lagos is your domain if you are a new hair merchant and do not have a large budget to open your own kiosk. Many wholesalers of hair extensions gain funds to grow their businesses by routinely attending fairs. The question at hand, though, is: Where can I obtain good human hair extensions?

The majority of suppliers of hair extensions won’t reveal their supplier to you. Naturally, businesspeople will protect their own trade secrets. As a result, it will be incredibly challenging for you to obtain references from the hair extension wholesalers that came before you.
The majority of human hair extensions used in Nigeria and other parts of Africa are imported from a few key hair-producing countries, including Vietnam, India, China, and Brazil. Vietnamese hair extensions are the most prevalent among them, with more than 40% of their human hair extensions being sold widely in Africa. Is Vietnam hair suitable for wholesale human hair sales at the Lagos trade show?

3. Create a budget and calculate the cost of hair at the Lagos trade show’s wholesale market.

Create a budget and calculate the cost
Create a budget and calculate the cost
A component of how you may pick the best quality hair for you is to consider the estimated cost of importing hair extensions. The majority of attendees at the fair will be regular people. As a result, your imported hair extensions shouldn’t be prohibitively pricey like those from Europe or the United States.
Additionally, some distributors of human hair at the Lagos trade show frequently resell hair to people who buy it to resell or in multiples of that kind. In Nigeria, this type of trading is also very common. However, it has a drawback for consumers in that the cost of hair when it gets to your hand will be 4-5 times more expensive than the original cost. Thus, although extremely handy, purchasing hair from the booths in that store will not be appropriate for beginning human hair wholesalers.
Make a careful budget plan. Because you are also unsure of which fair vendors will be selling hair and at what price. Better still, try to participate in the human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos once if you want to learn more about the Nigerian market’s average price for hair extensions. Once you’ve gained some experience, you should bravely invest in a booth selling wholesale human hair at a trade show in Lagos.
Generally, you shouldn’t import too many of the same type of hair or hair extensions at a very low price. The vendor’s booth at the human hair wholesale trade show in Lagos needs to stock the several kinds of hair extensions that buyers could need. According to me, $300 should be the minimum expenditure for someone who imports hair for a hair extension business (including shipping fee to Lagos, and your hair is from a reputable hair factory in Vietnam).

4. Refer to past wholesale human hair in Lagos trade fair experiences

There is no doubting that the hair extension market has made several business owners wealthy. But in order to achieve that success, they also had to start from very little and learn from a variety of sources.
Learning from others’ experiences is never enough. You can identify the source on Google or other websites if they are unwilling to share their knowledge with you in order for you to import high-quality hair extensions, albeit this is only partially dependable.

To get the average price for your stall, check the hair prices at nearby stores. Normally, you may comfortably allow the price to be 1.5 or 2 times higher if your hair extensions are sourced from Vietnam. because human hair wholesale in Lagos always sells well when selling Vietnamese hair extensions.
In addition, you can apply for part-time work at the fair’s booths if you lack experience participating in human hair wholesale in Lagos. You can gain a lot of experience at the show without spending any money by engaging with clients and distributors of hair extensions.
Getting experience for yourself is a crucial step before you set up a stall in the wholesale human hair section of the Lagos trade show. And you need to carefully grasp their sales strategies if you want to benefit from their experience from having a booth at this mega-fair.
Wholesale human hair during a trade show Every time there is an event, thousands of wholesalers and shoppers travel to Lagos. Additionally, this fair frequently has hair extension specialists who might be eager to impart their knowledge on human hair wholesale as well as advice on how to swiftly land a job in the hair extension market.
Along with selling, buying bulk human hair at trade shows Additionally, a lot of wholesalers swap hair in Lagos, which makes it simple for you to create more beneficial connections. You will occasionally be informed that a seasoned hair expert you respect will be accessible to share their knowledge with everyone. This is a unique chance that can only be had at the human hair wholesale trade show in Lagos.
Generally, banners hung across Lagos’ streets would regularly present updates on the human hair wholesale trade expo. The website of the organizer will also be displayed on the banner, and you can go there to read the most recent details on the event.

5. You are welcome to participate in the trade expo for human hair in Lagos, but you must comply by the restrictions of this location.


Of course, you must follow the organizer’s guidelines if you choose to participate in any fair. You must follow the regulations established by the organizer if you want to purchase human hair in bulk at the Lagos trade show. The following are some of the most typical rules:
This fair prioritizes product quality over all else. As a result, in order for your hair extension items to get through the censorship process and open a booth, they must reach the required quality level. This is the key factor attracting hundreds of thousands of guests each time to the human hair wholesale trade show in Lagos. Therefore, before putting your hair extensions in the store, you need to thoroughly inspect their quality. Vietnamese hair extensions are one hair extension product that consistently gets through the censorship of this Lagos hair fair. Because of its excellent quality and reasonable pricing, this hair is admired not only in Lagos but also around the world.
Make sure that hair is not too pricey. Human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos will reject if your extensions are offered for a price that is too high in order to bring quality and inexpensive hair extensions to wholesalers. Naturally, in the case of one sort of price censorship, the organizers will have a penalty for these stall owners when the sale reaches a different price.
There is dumping going on. Of course, every vendor wants their wares to be successful, but dumping is outright forbidden at the Lagos trade show for human hair. If you break this rule, you will also be subject to a heavy fine. Each fair generally has its own set of rules. Additionally, you must abide by the host’s rules in order to participate. The aforementioned requirements are not too difficult for wholesalers of hair extensions for a large-scale and investment fair like human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos.

III. Observations when participating in a human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos

You’ll have a fantastic chance to grow your hair extensions business with this. Alternatively, wholesale human hair at trade shows Lagos enables you to boost your reputation and revenue, therefore killing two birds with one stone. If you’re new to the wholesale hair extension industry, be sure to thoughtfully and in advance prepare your hair for your exhibit at the event. Additionally, you need to plan ahead for certain scenarios, such as when your hair extension sales are too high or too low, or another stall draws more clients than you because it has superior facilities.

Get along with the wholesale human hair booth owners at the trade show in Lagos. Even though both are for commercial and competitive reasons, you should also establish a positive rapport with those who work in the hair extension industry. From early in the morning until late at night, the fair will be open. You are not obligated to have your goods on display at the human hair wholesale trade show in Lagos for the entire day, but you can choose to sell for up to a few hours each day. Plan your sales time wisely to avoid becoming overly worn out after each fair season.

In overall, you ought to have a sales strategy for wholesale human hair in Lagos. You must take advantage of the chance to sell your hair as effectively as possible because numerous wholesalers from across the world desire to hold a booth at this event.

IV. In conclusions

BIGG Hair factory – the best hair supplier providing high quality human hair for human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos.

BIGG-human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos
BIGG-human hair wholesale in trade fair Lagos

This business is devoted to creating the highest caliber hair extensions at affordable prices. In addition, a lot of wholesale hair sellers in South Africa favor the hair extensions produced by our hair manufacturer.
Additionally, this store is always up to date on the newest hairstyles. Before presenting clients with the best hair features, BIGG Hair Factory evaluates several hair types with distinctive colors and textures.
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