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All about yaki hair

In the world of hair extensions, there are so many styles and textures to catch up with new trends. And yaki hair is one of that. Although it has been around for years, yaki hair has still been a popular type of hair, especially among people with type 4 hair. So, in this post, we will give an overall look at this beautiful hair.

What is yaki hair?

Yaki is a kind of extension texture that imitates the look and texture of chemically straightened hair. The strands are steam-treated (using only water) to give them a micro-kink that resembles the appearance of hair that has been relaxed or straightened.

Yaki hair gets its name from yaks, a Himalayan animal with long, dark, and silky hair that looks similar to human hair. in the past, permed yaki hair used to be were used to be made from yak hair.

However, people stopped using yak hair after many people had allergies to it. That was when wig and hair extensions manufacturers started to use human hair extensions.

How do you know if you suit yaki hair extensions?

Yaki hair works well for people with type 3 (curly hair) and type 4 hair (kinky hair). It complements African and Caribbean hair types and appears natural. However, it doesn’t blend in well with type 1 (straight hair) and type 2 hair (wavy hair).

So, if you want more body and length for your chemically straightened hair, yaki hair is an excellent solution. It creates the impression of fuller, thicker, and more natural hair.

Yaki hair vs kinky straight hair vs silky straight?

The most popular variation of yaki hair extensions is yaki straight hair. Some people may mistake it for kinky straight hair. However, if you take a closer look at these two types of hair, you can see their differences clearly. Below is how to differentiate yaki straight hair, kinky straight hair, and silky straight hair.

  • Yaki straight hair: Yaki hair that is straight mimics naturally relaxed black African-American hair. Its texture is slightly rough and kinky and has a thick volume. It is not as straight and silky as silky hair. Also, yaki straight hair is not as coarse and coiled as kinky straight hair.
  • Kinky straight hair: Kinky straight hair is a perfect choice for curly girls who want more bounce and volume for their hair. Kinky straight hair is less straight than yaki straight and silky straight hair since it has more kinks that form its thick and wavy texture. Kinky straight hair does not require much maintenance. Yet, you should minimize the frizz by using a good hair conditioner.
  • Silky straight hair: or natural straight hair, is smooth and silky with no kink or coil. Silky straight hair is normally unprocessed hair since it remains the natural texture of the hair. It’s also easier since it has not undergone chemical treatment.

Yaki hair vs Silky hair

How to take care of yaki hair?

Yaki hair requires little upkeep, so taking care of it doesn’t have to take much time or involve a home salon. Below are several tips on caring for yaki hair that you can do without much effort:

  • Wash the hair with a sulfate-free shampoo at least once or twice a week to keep its shine
  • Avoid massaging your yaki hair extensions while washing since it may cause tangle.
  • Use a moisturizing conditioner and comb the hair gently, starting from the tips and working your way up to the root.
  • Let the hair air-dry.
  • You can also do a co-wash to encourage natural hydration and lock in moisture for the hair
  • If you are joining gym sessions, it’s better to avoid tight hairstyles. Instead, try loose buns, low ponytails, or braids to give the yaki hair more bounce.
  • When brushing yaki hair extensions, make sure to always be gentle and give each section a quick spritz to detangle any knot before brushing.

How to take care of yaki hair

Where can you buy the best yaki hair in bulk?

Yaki hair is a popular item in the hair market. You can find it easily both offline and online. However, if you run a hair salon, working with the right supplier will be a quick way to make more profits and gain a reputation.

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