5 Vietnamese hair vendors you should never ignore

Vietnamese hair vendors

Selling hair extensions has been a lucrative career that attracts many people to invest in this area. However, just like other industries, you cannot gain the hard-earned dollars without having the right strategy. And finding a hair vendor for your business is one of the first moves. Whether you run a large or small business, having a good hair vendor will bring your great benefits. And while there are so many suppliers out there, more and more people have been seeking for Vietnamese hair vendors to start their businesses. So why was that and which Vietnamese hair vendor should we choose? The answers are right below.

Why Vietnamese hair vendors?

Vietnamese hair – Hair that lasts longer

Vietnamese hair is known for the thick, round black strands that make it stronger and healthier than other types of hair. With Vietnamese hair, you can bleach it and style it with heat to diversify your look. Thanks to its fine features, Vietnamese hair has now been highly sought after in the hair market. Therefore, having Vietnamese hair in your available product range will surely attract more customers.

Vietnamese hair

Affordable price

Due to the abundance of the labor force in Vietnam, the cost of labor is cheaper than in many other countries, resulting in the lower price of hair products. Compared to other types of hair like Indian hair, Brazilian hair, and Peruvian hair, Vietnamese hair comes at a lower price. Normally, Vietnamese hair vendors have their own hair factories in Vietnam, so the hair is offered at a favorable factory price.

The fact that Vietnamese hair has become more popular in the world thanks to its quality and affordable price is a foundation for a profitable business.

Top 5 best-rated Vietnamese hair vendors

There are quite many wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam, but who are the best ones? Below we list down the 5 most famous Vietnamese hair vendors that you should work with.

BigG Hair

BigG Hair specializes in supplying Human Hair Weaves, Closures, Frontals, and Wigs with trending bone straight hair. The companies serve all markets but put a focus on Nigerian and United States markets. That’s the reason why its hair textures and colors well meet the demands of the people there.

Unlike other Vietnamese hair vendors, BigG Hair has a network of representative offices in many countries like the US, the UK, Germany, and Nigeria. Especially, the company is the first hair supplier that has an official store in Lagos, Nigeria. This opens chances for hair retailing businesses in Nigeria to access high-quality hair at factory prices.

Normally, if you import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria, you will need to pay extra costs for payment and shipping via a middlemen agency like Mr. Gabriel. Yet, with BigG Hair, you can make payment directly in naira and receive the hair much faster since the hair is shipped right from the store in Lagos.

Vietnamese hair vendors: BigG Hair

MacSara Hair

MacSara Hair is one of the largest hair manufacturers in Vietnam with specialized markets in the UK and other European countries. You can order in bulk and the company has many favorable programs for customers with large orders. MacSara Hair supplies a wide range of items, from bulk hair to clip-ins, tape-ins, weave, lace closures/frontals, fusion hair extensions, and lace wigs.

MacSara Hair

Luxshine Hair

Established in 2003, Luxshine hair has now been one of the top Vietnamese hair vendors. The company is a valuable brand in supplying good natural hair to international markets, especially in the American market and European market.

Luxshine Hair provides various types of hair products, but the key items are weave, lace items, and lace wigs. You can also find high-quality tape-ins and keratin hair here.

Luxshine Hair - Vietnamese hair vendor


Apohair is one of the first human hair manufacturers to export hair to the international markets. With its long history in the industry, the company understands the market well to launch suitable products. Apohair offers all kinds of hair extensions like machine wefts, hand-tied wefts, keratin tips, clip-ins, tape-in, bulk hair, etc.

To meet the demands of customers, Apohair has added synthetic hair to its product range. If you are finding a supplier that supplies both human hair and synthetic hair, Apohair is a good option.

Apohair - Vietnamese hair vendor

Mic Hair

Mic Hair is a Vietnamese hair vendor that specializes in trading natural raw hair, virgin hair, and human hair of Asian humans with many countries in the world. The company has been in operation for over 10 years and is the proud partner of so many hair businesses in the world. Mic Hair also provides a wide range of hair items to meet the diverse demands of both retail and wholesale customers.

Mic Hair

Choosing the right Vietnamese hair vendors with quality products and services will be a good start for your hair business. For a better understanding before making the decision, we suggest you read the post “How to identify the reputation of the hair factory?” Thanks for reading!

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