1b hair color – The best hair color for hair extensions

1b hair color

There are so many color options to choose from when it comes to hair extensions. Yet, it may make you feel overwhelmed to narrow down your choice. That’s the reason why people often opt for 1b hair color for their human hair extensions. This basic color has never gone out of style. And especially, it allows you to dye into another color easily. So, this post is all about 1b hair color. Let’s take an overall look at this stunning hair color.

What is 1b hair color?

1B hair color is the natural color of black and is often known as off-black color. 1B hair color is the closest color to black that natural hair can go.

If you’re looking for hair extensions, 1b is more likely to match your natural hair color than jet black. Furthermore, it serves as a bridge between the dark color and the dark brown tone that follows.

How does 1b hair color look like

1 vs 1b hair color?

#1 is jet black color, the first shade of black in hair color. Off-black #1b is the second hue. Compared to #1 which has the richest and darkest shade, #1b is lighter. It resembles the natural color of black hair.

This explains why people often prefer #1b when it comes to hair extensions since they can match perfectly with their own hair. You don’t need to color or alter your extensions because 1B is already a natural tone. Whereas, with #1 hair color, you will need further coloring since natural jet-black hair is not common.

1b vs 1 hair color

2 vs 1b hair color?

#2 is the darkest hue of brown color. From a distance, it looks like black, but up close, you can see that it is brown. Dark brown hair has a dark, cold brown hue, whereas off-black has a warmer undertone of brown.

Due to their similar look, people often mistake #2 hair color and #1B hair color. However, there are some ways to differentiate these two hair colors:

  • #1b hair is darker in color. 1B is darker since it has naturally black hair, whereas #2 has the deepest shade of brown. This may not be noticeable right away, but if you take a close look at the hair, you can identify the right color.
  • While #2 hair is colored to be uniform, #1b human hair is typically unprocessed hair. In comparison to pre-colored #2 hair, #1b human hair is a great option for hair dying that the pre-colored #2.
  • Unlike #2 hair, #1b human hair frequently has color variations.

1b vs 2 hair color

How do you know if 1b hair color suits you?

If your natural hair color is black, 1b hair color will be the perfect match for your hair.

1b hair color will probably look good on many skin tones, but it’s crucial to consider your eye color and the undertones of your skin while deciding on the right black shade, especially if you’re debating between jet black, dark brown, or 1B hair color. You can dye your brows to match, but if you’d rather avoid the maintenance of eyebrow dye, it’s better to go for a more natural color.

In general, dark hair looks better on darker complexion tones. So, decide on 1b if your skin is medium to dark, and pick #2 if your skin is on the lighter side.

Furthermore, if your skin is fair, black hair dye will give you a more pronounced appearance. Nevertheless, if you have light eyes, this color can contrast in a stunningly lovely way.

How should we care for 1b hair color?

You need to take proper care of 1b hair color so that it can keep the best health, strength, and shine. To prevent tangles and knots, reduce the number of times you wash your hair, always apply conditioner, and brush your hair every day. Apply a moisturizing oil or serum to the ends of your hair if you’ve colored your hair to match your 1b hair extensions.

Where to buy 1b hair extensions?

1b human hair extensions are a common choice among both hair salons and hair users. The first reason is that 1b hair extensions are virgin hair which allows bleaching and dying. So, you can dye them any way you want while keeping their healthy look. And if you have black hair, they can well match your natural hair.

Another important reason is that 1b hair extensions often come with a lower price rather than colored hair extensions. But where can you buy quality 1b hair extensions?

If you are running a hair salon or a hair retailing business, let’s make a thorough research before deciding on which hair vendor to work with. There are so many 1b hair extensions manufacturers out there, but locating the right one will elevate your business faster.

BigG Hair - the best place for 1b hair extensions

Vietnamese hair is considered one of the best sources for 1b hair extensions thanks to the fine natural hair. And right here at BigG Hair’s factory, we provide a wide range of 1b hair extensions with various types, lengths, and textures.

If you are finding a place to buy 1b hair extensions in bulk, check out BigG Hair’s representative office in your country to identify the great hair quality.

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