How to find the right hair texture for your hair extensions?

Find the right hair texture for hair extensions

Hair extensions come with great benefits. They are a great solution for adding length and volume to your hair. However, the most important thing when wearing hair extensions is to make it look natural as your own hair. And one of the first steps to do this is choosing the right hair texture for your hair extensions. So, how to find the right hair type for your bundles? This post will give you the best details.

What is your hair type?

Before you can get the right texture for your hair extensions, you must determine the hair type of your natural hair first.

Your hair type, or hair texture, is determined by the shape of the follicle. When the follicle is flatter or oval-shaped, the hair is curlier. And when the follicle is more circular, the straighter the hair is. The best way to figure out the right texture of your hair is to examine your hair after you’ve washed and allowed it to air dry.

Your hair is Type 1 if it looks straight without a bend or curls after it dries. You are Type 2 if it dries in an S shape or with a small curvature. You are Type 3 if it dries in clearly defined curls or loop patterns. You are Type 4 if your hair dries in tight curls, spirals, or zigzag patterns.

In short, there are four main hair types: Type 1 is straight hair, type 2 is wavy hair, type 3 is curly hair and type 4 is kinky or coily hair.

4 main hair types

Why is it so important to match your hair extensions?

 When it comes to hair extensions, the most important thing is to create a perfect blending. You must consider the natural texture of your hair while selecting the bundles. The last thing you want is to have an unnatural look with your hair extensions. You should take the time to mix the two textures to create a look that gives the impression that you are wearing only your hair and not a weave.

Let’s say you have a perm and have fairly curly natural hair. In this situation, a weave or extensions that match the texture of your perm would be the greatest option. Straight hair will be considerably easier to mix if your hair has been artificially relaxed.

How to perfectly match your hair extensions with your hair?

Of course, you will need more styling and fixing during the installation process to make the hair extensions blend well into your hair. Yet, let’s start with choosing the right hair texture so that you can ease the work. Below are some tips on how to spot the right texture for your hair extensions:

  • Straight hair texture: If you notice that your hair lacks any noticeable waves or curls, using straight human hair extensions is probably your best bet. This will work great with chemically treated hair as well.
  • Wavy hair: A body wave or a loose wave texture is the best hair extension for hair with a wavy texture. These softly wavy patterns will blend into hair textures of a similar consistency without standing out.
  • Kinky hair: Kinky or textured hair extensions such as afro or boho jerry curl, would be the best choice for hair with this texture.

How to match your hair texture with hair extensions

Hair extensions don’t always provide the immediate results they promise. After installing the hair, you may not see the look that you expected. Depending on your hair texture, the extensions may look a little poofy, blunt, or straight. But don’t worry about that, you can begin by choosing a texture that matches your hair. and the rest depends on your styling during installation.

So, to find the best hair texture for your hair extensions, let’s determine your hair texture first. Then, check the hair texture chart to select the best hair for you.

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