Bleached knots closure – How to do it at home?

Bleach knots closure

Lace closures and frontals are great ways to transform your look. They come with different types of lace bases to perfectly blend into your scalp. However, the holes of the lace, where the hair is tied, can be visible in your look if you don’t bleach it. Normally, the process of bleaching is done at hair salons, but you can totally do it at home by following the right guidance. This post will show you how to bleach knots on closure/frontals and how to fix over bleached knots closure.

How to bleach knots on closure?

Gather the right tools

  • Developer for hair (Volume 20 or 30)
  • Bleach powder
  • Plastic bag or old newspaper
  • Aluminum foil sheet
  • A bowl for mixing
  • A plastic brush
  • Neutralizing shampoo
  • Hair conditioner

Bleach knots on lace closure

Step 1: Lay your closure flat in a plastic bag, and newspaper with the lace part facing up. This will help you proceed with the work easier without staining the bleach on the surface.

Step 2: Take 1-2 spoons of bleach powder with 1 cap of developer into the mixing bowl. Then, use the plastic brush to mix the developer and bleach powder together until the mixture is thick with no lumps.

Mix the bleach
Mix the bleach

Step 3: Use a plastic-bristle brush and dab the bleach mixture into the lace. After that, take a sheet of aluminum foil and fold over the lace part of your closure. You need to wait for about 10-20 minutes for the bleach to soak into the lace base.

Apply the bleach mixture
Apply the bleach mixture

Step 4: Rinse the bleach off all the bleach mixture in your lace closure. Make sure that you keep the rest hair of the closure out of the way so that it does not get stained with the bleach mixture.

Step 5: Apply neutralizing shampoo on the lace part and the hair under it and massage the shampoo over the section. If you don’t shampoo the section, the remaining bleach will continue to lighten the knots.

Step 6: Rinse out the shampoo until the lace base is completely clean.

Step 7: Take some conditioner and rub it into the lace and the rest of the hair. Wait for 5 minutes and rinse the closure until the water runs clear.

Step 8: Lay the closure into a dry towel to pat dry. Then, let it air dry completely.

So now, you’ve got a bleached knots closure.

Bleached knots closure
Bleached knots closure

How to fix over bleached knot closure?

If it’s the first time bleaching knots on closure, you might make mistakes and over-bleach the hairpiece. Don’t worry that you need to throw it away. There is still a way to fix over bleached knot closure.

If you over bleach the knots on the closure, the roots of your closure will have a blonde color. To fix it, simply get some hair dye and carefully paint the roots of your closure with the dye using a mascara wand.

  • Take a small amount of hair dye into a bowl (the hair dye with the same color of the hair)
  • Part out the lace part where the hair is over bleached
  • Lightly dip the mascara wand into the dye and comb it over the spot where you over-bleached the hair
  • Let the hair dye sit for 30 minutes
  • Rinse and wash the dyed part with cold water
Fixing over bleached knots closure with hair dye
Fixing over bleached knots closure with hair dye

So, above are our guides on how to bleach knots on closure and how to fix over bleached knots closure. Don’t forget to visit BigG Hair’s website to get frequent updates. Thanks!

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