10+ charming styles for long wavy hair

Long wavy hair

While there are so many new hair trends out there, long wavy hairstyles are still the common options for ladies with long tresses. Even short-haired girls once wish to try the charming look of long wavy hair. And below are some stunning ideas if you want to go for a long wavy hairstyle.

Wet and wavy

Many women with afro-textured hair fall in love with the sleek and wet look of wet and wavy hair. Though the hair in this photo tends to be curly, it is still clear how a wet style can add elegance to your look.

Wet and wavy style

Natural wavy hair

If your hair is naturally wavy, you don’t need to go through all that styling. Just choose a strikingly bright color and a layered haircut to make your waves stand out. You can always opt for a stunning dark red shade, especially if you have a fair complexion.

Or pick up several bundles of natural wavy weave hair for a marvelous sew-in hairstyle.

Natural wavy hair

 Long wavy perm

You don’t necessarily need a curling iron every time you want to create long wavy hair. Instead, choose a wavy perm hairstyle that will last for months to save all that time and effort. If you want to get a carefree and smooth look, you can maintain your natural hair color.

Long wavy perm

Big waves on black hair

Style your hair with big waves is a great way to achieve a natural finish. It can create stunning volume and movement without pulling your hair. For a shiny and healthy look with the style, we suggest using some oil on your black hair.

Big waves


Cute long wavy hair

If you want to show your playful side, don’t skip this cute hairstyle for long wavy hair. This half-top knot will enhance your lovely smile with its innocent and pleasant sheen.

Cute long wavy hair

Textured soft waves

By visually creating an updo at the back of the head, you may create smooth, graceful waves on long hair. Allow the waves to follow their shape naturally and part your hair in the center or to the side. Put one side behind the other’s ear or secure it with pins. The back hair will fall over, giving the appearance of a massive crown.

textured soft waves

Long waves and blonde balayage

Long waves and blonde balayage look really great together. The long waves create dimension and give shape to your hair. To maintain the blonde balayage, make sure to schedule all of your color glaze appointments to keep the blonde vibrant and fresh. Also, always ask your colorist or stylist for advice on specific products.

Long waves and blonde balayage

Charming updo

Longer wavy hair allows you to explore the amazing world of updos. An updo hairstyle like this one can go with you on all formal occasions, including weddings, prom, homecoming, cocktail parties, and more!

High ponytail

Putting your hair in a high ponytail is another way to display the beauty of the long waves. Simply make a high, messy ponytail out of your hair, you can see it gives your overall style more volume and texture.

If you want a messier look, just use some hair spray.

High ponytail

Long wavy hairstyle for weddings

The preparation of a bride’s look for the wedding day typically takes a lot of time. Yet, with this hairstyle, you can also achieve a stunning look with simpler work.

This beautiful hairdo combines an overlapped traditional braid with a waterfall braid. And the flower adornment completes the look.

Long wavy hairstyle for wedding

Wavy hair with bangs

Your next hairstyle should be wavy hair with bangs. The key to a decent cut is making sure it appears excellent with little to no styling, even though this is obviously a very polished style.

Long wavy hair with bangs

Bouncy waves

This hairstyle is all about the thick, gorgeous, bouncy curls. The secret to this style is to create a delicate wave with a ridge that requires twisting the hair as you wrap it around the barrel.

Bouncy waves

There are so many styles you can create for your long wavy hair, and the above list just includes some of them. With long wavy hair, you are not limited to what style to get. And if you want to add length to your current hair to get one of these styles, don’t forget to pick some wavy hair weave bundles and enjoy your look!

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