Flat twist – How to do and top 10 captivating styles

Flat twist - How to do and top 10 styles

If you are on the way to finding a DIY hairstyle, a flat twist style can be a great option. This style is for African American women of generations. Over time, flat twists also evolved with so many stunning and captivating styles. If you want to learn more about this must-try style for curly-haired girls, this post will give you all the needed details.

What are flat twists?

Just like cornrows, flat twist is a protective hairstyle that is twisted close to the scalp. You can consider it a sister style of cornrows, but that does not mean the two hairstyles are the same.

Unlike cornrows which involve three-strand braiding, flat twists consist of two strands. To create flat twists, you need to twist your hair tightly against your head, or “flatten” it. So, let’s move on to the next part to know how to flat twist.

How to flat twist?

Normally, flat twists are created with the following steps:

How to flat twist

Gather the tools

To create flat twists, you need to gather the following things:

  • A fine-tooth comb, medium-toothed comb, or rattail comb
  • Alligator clips or mini rubber bands
  • Styling product of choice
  • Prep your hair

You can create flat twists on both dry and damp hair. If you want to make the style on wet hair but don’t have time to wash your hair fully, you can use a spray bottle to dampen your hair softly.

Apply styling product

You can use any styling product of your choice, whether it’s cream or gel. As you twist your hair, you can the curling cream/gel can help hydrate and define your curls.

This is particularly important if you intend to wear a flat twist-out style rather than keeping your twists in.

Section your hair

Use a comb to divide your hair into smaller sections and separate them with the rest of your mane. Depending on the look you want, you can do as few as 2 sections or as many as 20 sections. You will need more sections if you want your twists to be smaller. They can be placed in the front, back, or sides of your hair.

It’s time to twist

Take one section and divide it into two equal parts. Then, start twisting them together by taking the lower section and twisting it over the top piece. Pull more hair to the lower section as you twist.

Repeat with the rest sections of hair, continuing to twist until you reach the very end.

Tip: Try to keep your twists as close to your scalp as you can by pulling tightly on your hair as you go for a neater finish.

Lay edges

It’s best to lay down the edges to complete your flat twist style. It also keeps your look sleek and free of frizz. Just use a toothbrush and some hair gel to tame and lay your edges.

Let your hair dry

If your hair is damp, all you need to do is let it air dry. If you intend to sleep with flat twists, keep in mind that wearing a silk scarf or using a silk pillowcase will assist lock in moisture.

10 captivating flat-twist hairstyles

Once you make the flat twists, you can try so many hairstyles with them. Below are some fascinating styles you can easily do yourself:

Low updo

Flat twist low updo

Flat twist updo

Flat twist high updo

Flat twist out

Flat twist out hairstyle

Flat twists and pigtails

Flat twist pigtails

Gold twists

Gold flat twists

Flat jumbo twist

Flat jumbo twist

Flat twist headband

Flat twist headbands

Flat-twist out bangs

Flat twist out bangs

Low flat twists with accessories

Low flat twists with accessories

Classic high bun

Classic high bun and cuffs

Flat twist styles are awesome to wear, not just because it protects your hair. It also gives you a chance to refresh your look with so many different hairstyles. Try it out and enjoy your new look!

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