Human Hair Weaves

Delight clients and accelerate business by offering BigG’s customers the highest quality with Remy human hair weave extensions in the market. Experience a diverse range of texture, color, size, and techniques with our semi-permanent method. Human hair wave lasts long and is reusable for over a year!

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How many bundles will I need?

The number of hair bundles that you need depends on how thick your hair is and the density you want to reach. But typically, 2-3 bundles can be used for a full natural look. If you are going for a thicker or a longer length, you should opt for 3-4 bundles.

Can I color your weave hair extension?

Yes, our hair is 100% Remy with high quality, you can dye them to change the color. But we advise you to dye your hair extensions with a darker color. Going for lighter color requires bleaching, which will weaken the hair extensions. And see a professional hair stylist for proper processing without causing damage to the hair.

How long does a human hair weave last?

Our weave hair extensions can last 1-2 years with proper care and maintenance. The better you treat the hair, the longer it will stay with you. Therefore, we highly recommend you use high-quality products for your hair extensions.

Can I install weave hair at home?

Yes, you can. There are many ways to install weave hair extensions on your head. And the 3 most common ways are sewing in, gluing in, and using microbeads. However, if you intend to have the traditional sew-in weave, we suggest you have it done by a professional.

Does your weave hair shed?

Absolutely no, our weave hair is made with top-notch quality Remy human hair, so it does not shed. However, you need to maintain them carefully to prevent shedding. Your hair extensions should be brushed, regularly moisturized, and nourished often by using proper hair products (shampoo, condition, moisturizer,...).

Can I sleep with a weave hair extension?

Yes, you can sleep with your hair extensions at night, but don’t go straight to bed with your hair extensions on. You should sleep with style for sleeping with hair extensions in a braid. A braid will prevent your hair extensions from moving around causing the bonds to tangle and reduce the amount of friction on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair as you move in your sleep, making the hair smoother and easier to brush in the morning. And if you sleep with your weave hair extensions, don’t forget to change your pillow to a satin one.

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